Thursday, March 3, 2011

Weekly Wish List + Hill Repeats = EEP!

Time for this week's installment of my Wish List.  As predicted, knowing I can't spend any money has wanted me to spend sooooo much money.  Luckily a lot of this stuff I found on modcloth for the mondo sale they're having, and the items were already sold out.  Phew!

I've held out on buying a pair of boots.  These ones would've almost made the cut. Just not a fan of the heel.  Adore the excessive buckles though.

Future librarian Jeri has an un-healthy obsession with cardigans.

I'm slightly obsessed with this coat.  And then I realized there are approximately 12 days of the year that aren't too hot or too cold to don it, and I talked myself out of it.  Phew.

I love books.  I love bookshelves.  I love bookends.  The end.  Bahahahah punny, get it?

I don't even like gold jewelery, but this reminds me of the children's book that I have brewing in the back of my head that I at some point.

If I wasn't on a self-imposed spending freeze, I'd totes get this.

It's sad that I still can't afford anthropologie stuff even when it's on sale.  No surprise I love this green dress.  Do you know how hard it is to find that perfect color of green in a dress?  Because I do....

Alright, I hope you guys don't hate this weekly segment, because I'm kind of loving doing it.  Usually when I'm feeling the itch to shop I'll go to a bunch of my favorite online stores and put a bunch of stuff in my shopping cart and not buy any of them, and that is sufficient for me.  But this?  This is oh so much better to get to share everything.  Plus if you hate it you can just scroll through it.  Plus if you love me, you can buy them all for me since I'm on a spending freeze.  YAYZIES!!!!

Wednesday night I had my first real hill workout in... technically ever.  While training for the Wild West Relay, I made an effort to run hillier routes, but never have I done hill repeats.  Ohhhhhh crap.  I take that back.  In high school we had this TERRIBLE workout we had to do once per track season.  First we'd have to run 2 miles (or so) out to this GIANT HILL (clay hill; actually made out of clay and what our county is named for, dontcha know?!?) (correction:  the distance kids would have to run all the way out there, us lazy sprinters would have to run half the way and then we got to hop in the truck of the hurdle coach and ride the rest of the way)... uh... yeah.

Anyway.  Once we got there we had to do all these hill repeats up this lower incline hill.  And then we thought we'd be done.  But nooooo then we'd have to do repeats up this crazy steep hill, which again I should mention, is made out of CLAY.  In case you had forgotten.  And THEN when we thought we were done we had to run back in to town.  Or at least we had to run halfway back in to town because we're lazy sprinters.  :)

Ok, so Wednesday night I took on my first hill repeats since high school (phew glad we got that cleared up).  According to good ol' Hal, I was to find a hill approximately a quarter of a mile long to fly up 5 times.  Well Hal, it's pretty dog gone cold here, and since things had thawed slightly they're now a solid sheet of ice.  I can only imagine the comedy that would ensue if I tried to run up a steep ass hill covered in solid ice.  (This would be an excellent place to include one of my delightful drawings.  Too bad I'm lazy and tired.  Also, I'm out of Starburst jelly beans and it's causing me major anxiety.)

So I went to the gym.  After consulting twitter, most of my super smart runner friends suggested an incline of 4.  So I went with that.  I did a 2 mile warm up then 5 x 400 m (with 400 jogs in between) and a half mile cool down.  I wasn't sure how fast to do the repeats, so I did 8:00 pace for the first 3 and 7:52 pace for the last 2.  I definitely could've done them faster (for the record I was still sucking wind and wanting my life to be over at the end of each one), but I'm already very very scared as to the pain my legs will be in tomorrow since they haven't done a workout like this for 9 years.... eep!  I can always speed up on the next ones! :)


Kier said...

I love that bookend! Too funny. And the green dress...I think you should just get it - it is awesome!

Nice job on the hill repeats - those are the worst and the best at the same time. Although, you really don't need to do them for Fargo!! :)

Nobel4Lit said...

I need new boots like the ones you showed in your post! The bookend is adorable, too!

Val said...

Sounds like a great work-out! I think I'll try that next week.....

Emz said...


Anonymous said...

I also tend to put stuff into my online shopping cart and then not buy it. It's sometimes almost as good as actually getting it :-) I do love to browse Modcloth, even though I don't think I've ever actually bought anything. Sad.

Nice job on the workout!!

Hannah said...

I adore the green dress. So pretty!

Yes...I'm coming to SD! I'd love if you were out there, also - especially if you've got your own personal cheering section! Swan Lake marathon will be the 2nd day of my first ever double marathon weekend. (I'm doing Marathon to Marathon in Iowa the day before.)

Keep me updated on that! Would be great to meet up with you, since I realized AFTER Vegas, that we both ran Vegas. Doh.

J said...

I'm addicted to cardigans too! They are just so comfy! Great job on those hills! I am scared of the incline on the treadmill! Don't want to fall off!

Things to Do said...

That dress is so great. But not in my size...BOO!

Anonymous said...

I haven't done hill repeats since high school either! I like this addition to your blog but it makes me want to buy things and that is a huge problem!

Anonymous said...

Ok, so this totally doesn't help your spending freeze but I have to share with you my favorite boots EVER:

Yes, I feel like everyone in SF has them, but I seriously wear them with everything. I don't know if I like these tan ones, but I have them in black AND brown...EEK!

Susan said...

I have things I want to buy year round until my mother asks for a Christmas list and I suddenly want nothing. I should start doing these posts so I have something to tell Santa come December...