Tuesday, March 22, 2011

St. Patty's Day = No 20 Miler

After Wednesday night's super-fantastic-most-awesome-run-ever, I kind of fell off the planet.  Let's blame my favorite holiday*, please?  Righty-o, glad we got that figured out.  I had planned a rest day for Thursday because I knew I would be celebrating my Irishness.  I had taken a vacation day from work on Friday and had big plans to complete 20 miler #1 of MARATHON TRAINING in the afternoon.  Um... this.... was a terrible idea.  I was borderline d.e.a.d.  The only way 20 miles was going to happen is if some super buff braaaaaahs picked up my couch and hoofed it the distance.  Apparently that wasn't going to happen... lame sauce.

Then I had big plans Saturday morning to do the 20 miles.  But I still didn't feel very dapper, plus my bfff was in town, so clearly pedicures were more important than long runs (*cough* No spend March fail *cough*.  Natch.  Then a softball fundraiser was in the cards.  By the time that was done the winds were so strong that I probably could've jumped straight in the air and landed 20 miles away.  Which would be awesome, and run would be complete!  Except I'd be stuck 20 miles from home.  No bueno.

Sunday it was on.  Except it wasn't.  I went from 20 miles to 10.  When I started the run my legs felt like junk (I'm still blaming you, multiple Guinness'.....I would like to think the plural is Guinnessi much like Nimbusi, even though I know it's not ) so I decided I would go on the trail until it was flooded and then I could turn around.  Somehow this led to...welp... I'm at 1/2 of a mile, time to go home.  Yes, I ran one mile.  I spend approximately 4x as long getting ready for a run as I did actually running.

But on the bright side, KK and I started watching (or in my case, rewatching) LOST, so I'm happy to have that obession back in to my life.

After 4 days of no running (plus, the after effects of the full SUPERmoon, I swear I'm a werewolf, or at the very least tres moody when there's a full moon), I was ready to kill someone after work on Monday.  All I wanted to do was run.  Somehow it became cold here again, and the wind chill was a B, but I had a nice little 6 mile jaunt.  And for the record, the bike trails are flooded.... just east of minnesota, for those peeps who care.  Sad day.

And now for fun St. Patty's Day pics!

bag pipes. natch.
ignore all the light peering in through the windows.... it's night time, I swear.

*Someone remind me next spring to create my training program with St. Patrick's Day in mind.  This year = major fail.


Anonymous said...

I was hoping the pictures of you being bagpiped would be X rated.



Anonymous said...

No worries I actually wrote VEGAS all over my training plan so I knew not to plan on anything over those 4 days..which ended up being perfect since I didn't do an OUNCE of exercise from Wed-Sat.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

I don't know if the hangovers are just getting worse or maybe we keep forgetting how long it takes to recover! There was no long run for me this weekend either but at least I sorta planned for it! Did not expect to take a 4 day running break though! Opps!

Katie said...

bahaha. you crazy girl, planning a 20 in the middle of beer drinking ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

hahaha, I'm glad you had fun on St. Patty's day with your multiple Guinness-i. I'm sure your fun-having was totally worth a little lapse in the training plan! You crack me up.

ilovesteaks said...

Guinness is my most favorite beer! I don't wait until St. Patty's Day to drink it... and really there's no shame drinking in the daytime 'cause it's always 5 o'clock somewhere!

Good job on the 1 miler! Hey, it happens.