Thursday, March 10, 2011

Weekly Wishlist + I'm Over Winter

It's high time for everyone's favorite (ok just mine) weekly installment of all the stuff I would buy if I had lots and lots of monies!
I would love it even if the cupcake: tea ratio was the reversed.  Just sayin'.
ohhhhhh.  emmmmmmm. geeeeeeeeeee.
Want the pug.
Want the Shamrock hat.
And go.

I emailed KK this pic.  The next day before work he called me and said, "No sending me any cute pug pictures today!"  To which I replied, "That's a promise that I'm just not willing to make...."
Buy it here.

Buy it here.
Gotta love a good St. Patty's day shirt.  True story:  I made one in college that said "My Lucky Charms" across the chest.  Funny since I was a very flat chested chica (well still am, who am I kidding??)

I heart lockets.  And this one is just too unique and fab to pass up.
Buy It Here.

Buy it Here.
Told you I loved a good bookend.  How fun are these???
I wear heels approx. 2x per year because they hurt my shinny ninnies oh so much.  So clearly I adore some cutesy flats.  Plus they sparkle.  Like my soooooooooul. (previous sentence said in Angry Runner's hipster voice... FYI)

Wednesday night I had 9 miles to run, 7 were maybe possibly supposed to be at marathon pace, but I couldn't decide whether I wanted to do that or just run 9 miles, as I need to save the leggies a bit for Saturday.  I headed outside and made it approx. .8 miles before I realized that I was chilled to the bone, and the wind was at my back.  Uh.... that's not good.  So I hightailed it home, got in my car and headed to the gym.

At the gym I finished up my 2 mile warm up, stretched, and took off at marathon pace.  Apparently my legs decided the workout for me, because marathon pace FELT like 100 m. dash pace.  Awesome sauce.  Oh well, they'll get enough speed work this weekend.  I read some trashy gossip mags and finished up the 9 miles.  I then proceeded to eat every dairy product in my household for dinner.  mmmmmmmmm.  I heart dairy.


Teamarcia said...

Very cute stuff! I'm not sure I could resume an already in-progress run at the gym...not in my current state of mental flabbiness.

Andrew Opala said...

is this post your gift registry?

P.S. when you have a chance, can you see if my blog loads faster on your machine or does it still explode into sharp metallic fragments.

One Crazy Penguin said...

Weekly wishlist may be your favorite and it's my favorite too!

I love the shirt, but the shoes take the cake!

Morgan said...

I frigging love that shirt!!!!!!!

Katie said...

100 cupcakes?

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

LOVE these posts!!

Also over winter...

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

jeri - your just too cool! and after my irish heart :)

what is happening on the library sciences programs?

Anonymous said...

I love me some good flats too! And I would totally get a bulldog (not a pug, but they're both wrinkly, adorable little guys) if I had monies...

Anonymous said...

I used to be a heels only girl but now I love love love flats!

And that shirt is adorable!