Thursday, March 31, 2011

Weekly Wist List + Runner's High

Weekly Wishlist for your (but not your wallet's) enjoyment!

This would either look super fab with my skintone, or terrible.  Luckily it's too expensive for me to even try on, but I'm just beyond obsessed with yellows right now.

If I could, I wear wear sweatpants 9/10 days.  The other day I would wear a long flowy hippie skirt.  Correction:  I would actually be ok wearing a long flowy hippie skirt the other 9 days as well.  Soooooooooo comfy.  And I love all the random stripes.

I am bummed at how expensive this is.  It's...awesome...clearly.  I even have the perfect wall above my bookshelf that I think it would like to live on.  All hail Barney Stinson....

Buy it here.
I have this little nook area in my living room that I designation as the "future study corner" and am on the hunt to find the perfect desk for that area.  Clearly I need to decorate said corner as well.  No worries, I already have some sweet Nan Lawson prints that I bought myself for Birthmas... these will only compliment them!  (I do wish it was in a color other than pink, however....)

I've been a bit dress obsessed lately.  I think it's the spring weather (bahahahah funny joke I just made, no?).  I always seem to scramble the weekend before I have a wedding to attend, so call it being proactive I guess.  Again the yellow.  It's a sickness.
Tuesday night I set out for a 7 mile run.  My legs were still a little sore/tired from my hilly long run, but they warmed up really fast.  I have been obsessively "rolling pinning" my IT bands, so I'm sure that's helping.  It was ~29 degrees when I took off, so I bundled up like normal.  Um...wrong-o bongo..... I was sweating my tushy off.  Apparently 29 degrees with little to no wind is a whole different ballgame then 29 with 15-30mph winds (which is the winter standard).  I was peeling off gloves, unzipping jackets, and sweating bullets.

At one point of the run, I was going through a residential area and a guy was outside blowing bubbles for his little 3-4 year old girl to pop.  It was quite possibly the cutest thing ever.  In terms of online shopping, I would like to "add you both to my cart."  Luckily within a few minutes I was reminded that I'm barely capable of taking care of myself, and that forever is a long time.  Phew.  Crisis (and potential future-husband/kidnapping) averted.

During the 7 miler I had 4x100m strides at (roughly) mile pace.  I'm really loving these strides because they give you something to look forward to during an otherwise monotomous run (6:48, 7:01, 6:39, 7:01).  When I got done I was rocking the most intense runner's high.  Oh hai runner's high!  Long time no see.  I was so jazzed I wanted to go for another run (don't worry I didn't).

I did 7 miles in 1:06 for a pace of 9:28.

I opted to take a rest day on Wednesday after calculating that I had run 4 consecutive days with 33 miles.  Which is more than I've ran in some weeks of this round of training.  No one needs an injury here!  (Then go figure I slept in this morning instead of tackling my tempo run........ come back runner's high!  Come back!)


Steel Springs said...

Ah, the never-ending skin tone issue. Sometimes I love an item of clothing until I try it on.

That poster is awesome.

I love strides! Yeah for a runner's high. Nice job on the awesome run!

Katie said...

I could live in sweatpants. oh wait. i kind of already do.

Susan said...

Wearing scrubs to work is glorious, and sometimes I hate days when I pull on skinny jeans. I should become a flowy skirt person...

Tara said...

Love that dress! I'm trying to decide if I have an event to wear it to this summer...