Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weekly Wishlist + Hard Hills

Wednesday night I had a tough hill work out and for some reason I was actually jazzed to do it.  Who am I?  Since we've reverted back to winter, yet again, I was off to the gym for my time of torture.  After a twitter convo with The Angry Runner yesterday, she had suggested I try to wear my Kinvaras sans socks, as that's how they were meant to be worn.  I thought it couldn't hurt (literally) more than the bloodbaths of late, and decided to give it a try.  I must say, I felt a little weird being barefoot at my gym while changing in to my running shoes... but oh well.

I had a 2 mile warm up followed by 6 x 400 m. intervals with the incline at 4.  Incline at 4 = butt burn.  Did anyone run the 400 m. dash or perhaps the 300 m. hurdles?  If so, you know the very meaning of butt burn.  UFF!  Luckily it wasn't nearly to that degree.  I started out at a 7:30 pace and felt like I was going to die, so the next one I did 7:35, followed by 7:40.  Then I went back down the ladder.  I keep forgetting that my body ALWAYS feels like it's going to die the first go around at a tough pace, and that I should ease in to it better.  I'm sure if I had started that first one at 7:40 the rest would've been ok at 7:35 or 7:30 pace.  Oh well.

I finished up (and spraying sweat all over the treadmill and those around me) with a one mile cool down jog.  I also got in some fabulous celebrity gossip from the trash US Weekly mags (the real reason I wanted to go to my gym, let's be honest).  Oh and in between the intervals I walked ~.05 and jogged .2. 

The verdict on the shoes?  After bragging that I haven't gotten blisters in ions, obviously I got a blister.  But it was just a little guy on my baby toe (site of initial bloodbath).  Luke had suggested that the toebox may be too small, but I think it might actually be too wide, which is why my foot was sliding around so much.  I love the shoes though, so in Tim Gunn's words, "I'll be making them work!" 

And on to my weekly wishlist:

Buy it here.
I heart tea.  I usually drink a piping mug of it every morning at work.  Tea cups and saucers are just the cutest thing, and so is this ring.  Knowing me, I'd probably drink a spot of tea out of it to show off.

Buy it here.
This is my new motto, likely taken from Barney Stinson, what uppppppppppppp?!?!? 

Stripes AND sparkles?!?!?!  Where do I sign??
Buy it here.
Buy it here.
I love this cardi.  The bow ties almost make it look like an old school kite's strings.  Future librarian has to stock her closet with cardis, right?

I've been looking for something to be my "jumping off point" to inspire design in my kitchen.... I may have just found it....

Has anyone joined pinterest?  I'm kind of obsessed.  It's similar to a tumblr page (from what I can tell) but way way way way cooler and simpler format.  You "pin" different images and categorize them based on for the home, wedding, fashion, style, etc. and other people can see what you're pinning and sharing.  Let me know if you're on it so I can stalk you.  Also, if you're interested, send me your email and I can send you out an invite.  (I had to wait 2 weeks for my request to go through for approval to join the site..... elite club I guess.... :p)  Visit me here.


Lucas said...

fine fine. I don't know what I'm talking about :P

ps. Yay hill workouts

Greg said...

Here is a video about taping to prevent blisters. If you are dead set on the shoes this may be a good way to deal with the problem. The video states: "The following guidelines are for information purposes only. We recommend seeking professional advice before attempting any rehabilitation," but hey where is the fun in that? It is way more interesting to just try random crap form the internet, right!?!

This is also why I plan to invest my life savings with these guys:

Anonymous said...


Can't be as bad as mine though.

Nice job either way. ;p Band Aid makes this stuff that is essentially body glide for your feet which has worked pretty well for me, if you're looking to try something else.

Matt said...

I LOVE hill workouts. Is that weird?

Anonymous said...

Butt burn - as a former 300m hurdler I definitely know what you mean! Glad you made it through the hills. I'm still kind of lax on killer hills, but I'm running Fargo so I should be ok, right? :-)

Anonymous said...

I did 300 hurdles! And now I am feeling lame about my 8 x 400s because I did those at the same pace you did that..with a 4% incline! You win. Your AWESOME!

Haha but for real love the cardigan!

Anonymous said...

nice workout! I've been covering treadmills with sweat lately too. Oh well.

I love both of those shirts! Sparkles and bows bring out the 5 year old that wanted to be a princess in me :)