Tuesday, March 15, 2011

No Spend March Update + Pufferfish CUTENESS

No Spend March Update (halfway point):

Week 1-$0.
Week 2-$4.24 I was doing good until last Friday.  Needed to HAVE ONE.

Food:  Week 1-$0  Groceries were within my budget (actually $11 under, hey-o!) and I've yet to splurge on any good (=restaurant) food.  Primarily because my stomach wanted to die after Saturday's long run, but whatev.
Week 2-$65.  Ugh.  Clearly I was starving on Saturday after the races, so I had to have dinner.  And a beer.  And then I got Kyle one for being a super great race spectator.  And then somehow that turned in to two (wtf?!).  And THEN I really wanted mexican food, so obviously we had to go there for lunch on Saturday.  Bad bad Jerbear.

Week 1-$89.  Oops.  Groupon was having a great deal for 6 1-day punch cards for a fitness place in town.  And they have great classes.  Usually it's $10 for a day pass, and with the groupon it was $5.30.  Sooooo I got two of them.  Really it's saving me money from buying it at full price in the future, but still.  Kinda failed my challenge.  Also, I bought a super sweet (cheap!) Aaron Rodgers jersey back in January that I thought I didn't have to pay for til April, but apparently needs money NOW.  Sniffle.  So I had to pay for that too.
Week 2-$0.

For Valentine's Day I got lots of sweet and loverly things.  One of my very favoritest things came from Jodee (p.s. if you don't read her blarg...yes blarg... you're dumb and should start immediately!  ok, not immediately... finish reading my post first then GO!)  I opened up the package and literally shrieked outloud.  Kyle was with me and he thought I had been poisoned or something.  Look. How. Cute. It. Is.

It's a little puffer fish, and it's the cutest thing ever.  Apparently there are over a hundred different ones you can collect, and I'm sorry to admit that I think I want them ALL!  His little eyes and mouth pull out from his face and his top removes from his bottom to which I exclaimed, "oh my God, you could store SECRETS IN THERE" and then KK asked if I was on crack.  For the record:  No.  Just high on puffer fish adorableness!  Thanks again Jodee.  To anyone else who would like to send me one to add to my collection, please message me for my address.  Jk.  Kinda.

Since I was too lazy to do my run Sunday, Monday after work was my first run post-Irishman festivities.  My shins were the only things that were sore on Sunday, so I was hoping there wasn't anything else lingering.  It was a tropical 40 degrees, and although there were 20 mph wind gusts, it was like a breeze compared to the horrific conditions from race day.  My legs even got to see the sun a little bit.  Yay capri pants.

Sadly I'm fairly certain these capris are made for yoga or perhaps dance.  They have no drawstring and they easily could've been around my ankles after 5 miles if I wasn't constantly a-hikin' them up.  There may have even been camel toe moments.  I justified it by saying that the higher up they were hiked, the farther I could run without having to re-hike.  Nbd.  I did 5 miles and for once in a long long time didn't hate where I lived.  Yayzies.


Anonymous said...

Aww the pufferfish is cute. I absolutely love running capris. But they can't compare to nike tempo shorts thats for sure or spandex for that matter. However I would take them any day over full tights. Mainly because I have short legs and I feel like I look really stupid haha!

JRose said...

Okay, I just went to the website (http://www.gomu.com/home.php) and I don't know how much longer I can live without the hamster eraser. I WILL DIE WITHOUT IT!!!!


Evolving Through Running said...

Your posts never fail to entertain. And the one KK comment in the middle actually made me laugh out loud. May have to get one of those pufferfish for my daughter (but not let her know that there are more).

Nobel4Lit said...

Well, I don't think your spending went TOO badly. The eating out thing is really tough!

Zaneta said...

lol... hilarious cuz that'd be something I would have said... "you can store secrets in there!" ;)

Morgan said...

This has nothing to do with anything but I stared reading Jennifer Lee Carrell's "Interred with their Bones" and I can't stop thinking that you might just love this book so go check it out.

Anonymous said...

NAUGHTY JERBEAR! NO SPEND FAIL! okay, I'll stop yelling now. Just wanted to make sure you could hear me all the way across the pacific ;)