Monday, March 28, 2011

The Whiny Runner

If you know me IRL, you'll know that I've been a little not-myself when it comes to running.  Glitter and Sunshine?  Where?  Just call me the Whiny Runner, bestie to The Angry Runner.  Saturday I gorged on all things fatty and salty.  And then napped.  And then was boggled when my marathon pace run didn't go so swell.  (Perhaps I should change to The Dumb Runner....)

Saturday night I was lamenting to KK and confessed that I was seriously considering dropping from the full to the half in Fargo.  Up to this point I had 4 failed long runs (sucky 14 miler, 16 turned to 6 on the TM and 10 at super mondo slow pace, 18 that ended in my eating shit hardcore, and a 20 miler that I just plain didn't do.)  Yeah.  I distinctly remember saying last weekend that if it was cold and/or snowy and/or windy next weekend, that I would gladly hang up my running shoes and embrace a life of sedentary bliss.  Saturday's forecast:  High of 30.  20 mph wind gusts.  Wind chill: hope you aren't too fond of the skin on yo' face!

I told him that I was over running.  I've had one strong run in roughly the last 4 months, and it has become a chore to get myself out the door (heyo, I'm dr. suess!).  He let me vent and then in unison we said, "but it's probably just the weather..." (precious level: 17, jk).  I decided that whatever the weather was on Sunday at least I wouldn't be running on snow/slushy/ice hybrid as I had previous long runs.  I even planned out a running route I was excited about.... it was creepy.  It was cold, but I've run in much colder.  It was windy, but I've done much windier (when it was much colder...ick).  And it was hilly (which is typically not my cup o' tea).  But it was kind of awesome.

I wanted to run ~9:45 pace for the 16 miles, and I didn't want to see a mile above 10 even for the super mondo hills.  No joke, I hit every major hill in town except one.  I started the run in to the wind and it suckkkkked, but then I had it out of the way for the next 8-9 miles.  Neat!  I set a PR in snot rockets blown, including one that took up residence on my cheek.  Which I didn't notice....for quite some time.  Ooooh!  Maybe I'll be The Sexy Runner.  Hey hey hey!

I did 16 miles in 2:33:58 for a pace of 9:37.
The first 4 miles and last 1 were flat as a 12 y.r. Jerbear so I didn't map the elevation on those, but look at those HILLS!  My legs are still shaking their fists (?) at me for that route.  Hills make heros!

And maybe some of the gentle persuasion towards running the full occurred via retail therapy this weekend.....  See I can justify buying something new for marathons because it's a lot of darn work.  Half marathons?  No new outfit for you!  And I just couldn't pass up these super sweet Brooks shorts in my favorite color of green.  And I quickly realized they'd be the perfect match for the green tank top my green sister Nikki got me last fall.  (FYI: when looking at this photo, I realize this outfit is only missing my high school home town name before it looks like my track uniform.... bahahahahha...)


Greg said...

Way to take on the hills! Green is my favorite color too, but right now all the green I am seeing is from the pollen that is every where. I am sure you'll enjoy rockin' the Green at Fargoooooooooooo!

Anonymous said...

Um...your tags on this post just cracked me up.

And I think everyone goes through phases like this. It sucks when trying to train for something else, but it happens to the best of us.

And me!

Nobel4Lit said...

I love green! My HS track uniform was maroon and white... and shorts that cut waaaay to high -- I was so self-conscious back then!

Good job on the hills!

Steel Springs said...

Ooh, very nice outfit! Nice job on the sixteen hilly miles. That's a great pace and a PR - even if it is in snot rockets - is always good. "Hills make heros"...I love it!

Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good 16 miles! Sounds like you've dealt with a lot of stuff worth whining about in this training cycle... I guess that just means it really is extra work to train through a midwest winter for a spring marathon. Love the new outfit - definitely does look a bit like a track uniform. :-)

Lucas said...

Just want to say, Yay hills!

That is all.

Katie said...

bomb! way to eat some hills for lunch!

Anonymous said...

those hills love you, obviously! Doesn't look like a "10+" snuck in there, AND you got yourself out for the run. Win, win Sexy Runnah.

Nicole @ "Haute Runner" said...

new outfit always makes things better!!

Glenn Jones said...

For some reason I never think of the Midwest as a place with hills. Of course the Black Hills in your state are awesome!