Thursday, February 19, 2009

Speed of Light

I've decided I'm going to be speedy fast again. Ok. Let's be honest. I'll never be fast-fast again. Speed of Light (heh heh) fast. But faster than I've been. Whoo. I've been training for my first race of the 2009 year and it's been going great. I have a running pal to help motivate me to not skip workouts, and someone who will listen to be babbling about my runs (hehe) without their eyes glazing over.

I went through all of my 5k times and sadly realized that I got slower each time I ran one. This year I'm destined to beat my PR. Coincidentally, it was at this very race 2 years ago that I had my PR. In the freezing freezing cold. There's probably some significance w/the race being on St. Patty's Day. Gotta love dressing in all green and having it be not only condoned but encouraged.

I've been comparing my training logs from the past 2 months and my 2-3 months of training leading up to my last half marathon this past summer, and I think I figured out why it was so so horrible. Um. I barely ran all summer. Seriously. Who trains for a 1/2 marathon by running 1-2 a week? I'm an idiot. Anyway...I have a ton of time on my hands, so I might as well get in insane shape and kick some running butt while I'm at it. I'll probably get so buff that I'll be Miss Universe 2010 and end up married to some dude named Sven who lifts semis for his morning curls. Man. I can't wait. The future is looking promising.

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