Sunday, June 13, 2010

Peace Out Hip Pain

Saturday I woke up and wanted nothing more than to head out for a long run.  Honestly, what did I do on Saturdays before long runs entered my life????  I couldn't tell you.  After some twitter friends told me to take another rest day (jerks! jk.), I decided to listen.  If I'm not able to run, what's the next best thing?  Shopping for running stuff.  I headed to TJ Maxx and found 2 new shirts for $10!  They are the exact same as my pink shirt I wore for the marathon, which I looooooove.  Check out that obnoxious green.  TEAM GREEN fo sho!  I also found a New Balance shirt similar to the race shirt I got from the Dallas White Rock 1/2 marathon.  If you guys knew how much I "recycled" running shirts without washing, you would probably unfollow my blog, and unfriend me in real life (I have the smelly kid in class?!?  How did I not know he was the smelly kid in class?!?!)  I'm hoping that the addition of great running shirts will help out my cause.  :)

After some time shopping, I headed to the gym to get in some time on the stationary bike.  I did 60 minutes of rolling hills on a fairly easy setting for 12.15 miles.  No hip pain, but some pain in the lower booty/upper hamstring.  Uff da!  Apparently those muscles aren't used in running!  After I got done, and stretched really well, I decided to hop on the treadmill just to see how my hip felt.  It has been tight for the last few days, but none of the pain that I had on Tuesday.

When I first got going my legs were d-e-a-d.  Hey look at me!  I'm doing my first legit brick!! ;)  No hip pain, but my hip did feel a little tight, presumably from the hip strengthening exercises I've been doing all week.  After a half mile my legs finally loosened up, and the last 1/2 mile was enjoyable.  I decided not to press my luck and call it good at one mile.  1 mile in 9:40.

Saturday night I had one of the coolest drinks ever.  I may have been quoted as saying, "This is the most fun that's gone on in my mouth in awhile!"  It was a pomegranite/passion fruit martini.  And the glass was rimmed with pineapple flavored Pop Rocks.  Now hold on to your seats folks:  I have never had Pop Rocks.  No joke.  I was seriously freaking out.  Everyone at the bar was so entertained that the bartender gave me a spoonful of the Pop Rocks to enjoy.  Craziness.  And how beautiful??  Yum yum.

After an evening of proper fueling and hydration, I was up with the sun to take on my long run with miss Jenn!  We've been friends for about a month now, so I was pretty stoked to actually start our Run-mance.  Yes, I came up with that on my own.  And I think it's 100% clever and witty.

She had warned me that she was to do her long run within a certain heart rate range, and I was a-ok with that, since I know I should be running my long runs at a slower pace than I typically do.  We started off the run and were immediately soaked.  That 96% humidity?  It wasn't kidding.  Luckily it was only mid-60s out or I would've died.

After not running with anyone in almost a year, I was shocked how hard it was to talk and run.  I was freaked out at first thinking that I had lost that much fitness since taking off 4 days, but luckily it didn't take too long to get into the groove.

There were a ton of flooded spots on the trail.  Some were so bad that we had to off road it onto a super muddy path, and other parts where we had to run through some seriously water logged grass.  Alright rain, I get the picture!

The best news about the run = no hip pain.  It definitely helped that we were taking the pace nice and slow, and I think the 4 days of rest did my hips some good.  At times they felt somewhat tight, but no pain.  At mile 11, it was time to bid Jenn adieu, but not before taking a ridiculous sweaty picture.  Please keep in mind the humidity levels as well as the rain for the last few miles.  Some how she still manages to look cute.  Whatev.  I much prefer the drowned rat look. ;)  Next time, perhaps we should take a before picture????  Heh heh.  Also, I wish we would've taken a before and after picture of my ponytail.  When we left, it was a sleek and super straight pony (from the night before, I don't do my hair before runs, trust!).  My hair grew exponentially based on the amount of miles we ran.  Mental note:  When humidity is 65%+ go with the braids yo!

After saying buh bye to Jenn, I took off for the remaining 3 miles on my own.  I was supposed to pick up to half marathon race pace (8:15-8:23) but the extra speed plus extremely hilly route made my hips not so happy.  Interesting enough, my left hip was the one that gave me some trouble during the final 3 miles.  Luckily it was just uncomfortable and not painful.  I'll just keep stretching, rolling, and strengthening and I should be a-ok!

I did 14 miles in 2:19:04 for a pace of 9:56.
1. 10:26
2. 10:25
3. 10:10
4. 10:20
5. 10:03
6. 10:06
7. 9:56
8. 10:13
9. 9:49
10: 10:28
11. 9:20
12. 9:17
13. 9:19
14. 9:17

We had a family lunch at my grandparents post-run, and my mom mentioned that she was considering training for and doing our hometown 5k and surprising me, but was disappointed to see the couch to 5k was 9 weeks long, and she'd only have 3 weeks to prepare.  Every year after I do the Sioux Falls 1/2 marathon, she always says that she'd like to walk it someday, so I brought up that as an option.  Of course I've spent the afternoon learning a bunch about the Galway walk/run program, and shooting off emails to her. :)

She walks 3-4 miles regularly right now, and has been jogging briefly while doing it for the last few weeks.  I think she could totally do it.  If anyone has any suggestions for her (particularly those that do the walk-run programs) please weigh in.  My mom is not the athletic type at all, so it would be such a HUGE accomplishment for her, and I know she'd be soooooooo proud of herself.  Her one concern about doing it is that I wouldn't have my normal fan club to cheer me on and take pictures.  Oh mothers... :)


Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

With regards to your Mom and the 5K - Do it with her! She is your Mom silly. Know reason why you cannot walk/run right beside her at her pace. Anyway, sounds like she just needs running buddy as well to help motivate or at least complete.

BTW - I go three runs or more in the same shorts before washing, along with the shirts. Uff Dah! I typically don't think anything of it since I don't run with anyone but me-self.

Jamie said...

Like the new layout :) Sounds like a great weekend! This humidity even though it's cool outside has been killer for sure.

My friend does the galloway program and for the next 1/2 she is doing .9 run/jog and .1 walk. She says it might be a bit awkward but is what works for her.

Nicci said...

Pop Rocks are cool, that's clever putting them on the rim of the martini glass. I now want a drink just for that. Great run, I love having someone to run with.

Heather said...

Nice job on the humid long run!

That drink looks so delicious, I'm drooling. :)

Anonymous said...

You did great on that LR! 14 miles like it's no thing, very nice. ;) It is *way* harder to talk/run, but I like the added "work" because the convo takes your mind off of the run and the fact that you're getting exhausted, ha.

Also, hello new fancy layout! Lookin' good. And, stay away from those Pop Rocks. What the crap is in those things?! It can't be normal for things to explode in your mouth. (<- heh, perfect "thats what..." momen there)

Glenn Jones said...

At least you got out this weekend for your long run! Me? Not so much.

Take it easy on that hip Jeri - so much can go wrong. You might still be a little tender from your marathon. You are excused to take it easy for a few weeks!

Madison said...

Girl, not washing your workout clothes after working out is gross. I laughed when I read that. You don't look like the smelly type but I guess looks are deceiving..haha!

That drink looks yummy and I too was freaked out the first time I tried Pop Rocks. And that was last year! :) Good job getting that long run in, even in all that humidity. You are hardcore!

Anonymous said...

Pop Rocks ROCK!!! and I'm glad U've got lessening hip pains!! Those hip strengthening classes help, yeah?? LVOE 'EM!!

Julie said...

Hi Jeri,
Woo hoo for the shopping scores! I really like those shirts too:) That drink looks has been sometime since I have had a glass of anything.

I am glad that your hip issues are gone:) Nice work on the biking and the outside running!!

Mica said...

I need new shirts too--and sports bras for that matter. I bet lots of people recycle their running clothes. :)

I've been doing a walk-run this so far this summer because the humidity has been unbearable. You and your mom should definitely do the 5K!

Rad Runner said...

Great finds! See resting did you good x2!

Jordan said...

You're doing LV Rock N Roll? I want to go to cap off my race year, but only do the half so I can still party (it's Vegas!). Thanks again for the beer warning, this Schlitz is delicious.

The un-Zen Runner said...

Mmmm, you gotta be careful with those martinis. After 3 of those I'm completely tanked. I like the pop rocks idea. I once had a drink that had dry ice in it, and it was smoking everywhere when they brought it out. It was sooo cool!