Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fargo Marathon Expo

After driving through some torrential downpours on our trip up north, (thank GOD Megan was driving, I seriously closed my eyes at times) we made it safe and sound to the Fargo Dome!  I knew that EO was shortly behind us on the interstate, and no sooner had we picked up our bibs that I found him.  Why yes, I am jealous that the Boston jackets this year were green, how did you know?  I made sure to stand reeeeeeal close to him in our picture just in case speedy sub-3 genes can be transferred by osmosis.

Megan and I meandered through the Expo and I managed to buy only one thing.  Whoo!  I found a super cute tech shirt with a funky Fargo Marathon map on the back.  Since the race shirts were zip-up long sleeves (super de duper cute!), I figured I was justified in my shirt purchase.  Although, I must say that I am fairly jealous of the guys who got lime green jackets (we had a royal blue color).  And I'm fairly certain the 10k'ers got kelly green.  Green with envy.....

My precious......(es).......

There were some really fab-o signage, so clearly I managed to snap a pic in front of all of them.
Megan and I looking ready to go.

I dare you to count all the turns.... might take you 4 1/2 hours.... ;)

As Megan and I were getting ready to leave the expo, we randomly ran in to Ed, a friend from Dailymile.  He was looking ready to run, as well.

And then of course we randomly ran in to Jeff, one of our favorite running friends who moved away last fall.  It was nice to catch up briefly and to listen to him and Megan talk about missing the marathon maniac aka Jenn.  Luckily for me, I had never been with Jenn pre-race so I didn't get to observe her psychosis first hand, but I had to laugh and it definitely helped to calm me down, since my brain is equally as crazed pre-race. :)

As we were set to leave, the skies opened up to a downpour, so we decided to take a seat and wait for it to let up.  Lucky that I did, because I ended up getting to meet Lisa, a bloggy friend.  Lisa was running her FIRST MARATHON and seemed cool as a cucumber about it.  Also, I'm glad we got to meet up here, because I ended up running in to her 3-4 more times throughout the weekend, and each time I was super scatter-brained and out of it.  Check out her blog because she ROCKED the race, seriously.

After we left the expo it was off to our hotel and then to dinner.  We expected to have a crazy long wait to get seated and to get our food, but we got right in, and our entrees came out when we were on bite #2 of our salad.  It was really really good.  Made me wish we were having that for post-race so I could enjoy some deliciously dairy filled fettucine alfredo and cheesecake for dessert... Mmmmmm.

It was back to our hotel and jammin' to a Lady Gaga concert on HBO while getting everything laid out for our race morning.  Megan and I snuggled up in our full size bed (definitely a snafu on the hotel's part) only to realize that Jenn had tried to call both of us!  We got to skype with her briefly which was great.  So wish she had been there for the weekend.  :)  


Anonymous said...

Sweet- I feel famous! Nice job capturing so many great pics from the expo. :-)

{will run for margaritas} said...

OMG, I love expos - they are seriously one of my favorite things!! :) Fargo Marathon expo looked legit! great job on the race, so excited for you!

I'm already a twitter follower, but now a new blog follower. Can't wait to read about your running adventures. :)