Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Fargo Running Buddy

Uh... where the h did this heat come from?  I just knew that we'd move abruptly from the freezing cold and windy winter-like conditions to the super hot and humid and windy summer conditions, skipping right by my favorite: spring.  ::shaking fists with fury::

Return of (drum roll please.......) The Sweaty RUNNER.

Sooooooo hot.  ;)  Literally.  And figuratively.

Sunday I went out for a 5 miles shake out run.  My legs felt pretty darn good, except for the IT band giving a little bit of attitude.  Monday I had my AC cranked on the way home from work.... and was still sweating through my work clothes.  Classy... that's how I roll.  I jetted out the door for 6 miles in as little clothes as I feel comfortable running in.  Within about 17 seconds I was soaked.  Apparently the ol' sweat glands still work.  Neat-o.  I ran into the 20-30 mph winds (yes, the wind *is* getting old, thanks for asking) for the first 3 miles.  When I turned around to head for home, I realized that the heavy winds were at least cooling me off.  Drowning commence!

Most of the remaining miles had to be run with my mouth shut, breathing through my nose because the gnats were so thick, and I got sick of sucking them down after random bug #2 made me sputter and cough.  Have you ever tried to breathe through your nose while running?  If not, it sucks.  I got home and started sweating puddles on to my yoga mat while I was stretching.  And my chest/neck/face/hands/arms were a gnat graveyard. 

Attention little buggies:  you will drown upon impact.  I'm a sweaty beast.  Consider yourself warned.

However, the Fargo forecast (that I've been obsessively stalking 3-5 times per day since race day was 15 days out) is calling for rain and possibly a warmer day than what I've been running in (because I don't expect 40s like I've been training in).  So I figure either way this run will help me out.  Sweating that much has to assimulate being soaked from the rain, no? :)

And I'm super de duper excited to have a running buddy for Fargooooooooooo!  A girl that I went to college with, and worked with throughout college is running Fargo as well.  Head over to Kier's blog, she's got some great food/recipe posts and gorgo photos.  Anywhosits, she's a lot faster than me, but has dealt with some injuries this go-around for training, so her new race day goal is sub-4 (a PR for both of us, as her marathon PR is pretty darn close to mine).  I figured we might as well keep each other company!  YAYZIES!

Game plan:  Run a mile in 9 minutes.  Repeat 26 times.  Also .2 for good measure.  Throw hands in the air for totally awesomesauce finisher photo. Beer->hand.  Repeat.

While I'm on the topic of Fargooooooooooo (when really when am I not talking about it at this point?), shoot me an email if you want to meet up at the expo on Friday.  I'm so stinkin' excited to meet all you Fargo fools!! :D


Julie D said...

Ewww, hate gnats while running!

Rain? Oh gosh, I just rain the rainy LA Marathon in March and hoped for better conditions in Fargo... I'll pack lots of clothing options.

I'll be in Fargo on Friday. Probably going to the expo early on. I'm gonna be the Asian girl with the white boyfriend who are about the same height, lol. I'll try to wear something that stands out.

Katie said...

i tried to get used to the heat by running in the middle of the day on sunday. my stomach tried to vomit everything out. no, not that way, the OTHER way.

Krista said...

Oh my *scream* I'm so excited for you. Yaaaaaay Fargooooooooooo.

Kier said...

Oh Jeri, I am not faster than you! You've got my marathon PR beat.

How many people that you "know" are running Fargo? We could have a pretty good sized meet up on Friday!

Anonymous said...

ew gnats are awful! I can't believe your race is this weekend ahhh so excited for you! Sub 4 Sub 4 Sub 4!!

Rhonda said...

I love this! I REALLY want to run Fargo one year! It's on my list of many!! Good luck and don't let the heat get you!