Friday, July 29, 2016

605 Race Series #1 Goals

This Sunday I'll be running race number 1 in a three race series for the 605 Race Series. This weekend's race is a 4 mile, which is an auto-PR distance (whoop!). Since I've never ran a 4 mile race before, I'm not really sure what to shoot for time wise. I'm not running long this week, and it's the first cutback week I've had in over a month, so my legs are a bit tired.

Part of me thinks that maybe I can sustain my 5k pace from June's 5k series for a 4 mile, based on an increased fitness level. And then the other part of me remembers how hard the 4th of July 10k was. Blech.

My plan is to start sub 9 and hopefully knock out a nice progression run at an uncomfortably hard pace. Whatever that may be.

(Have I mentioned that I've already gotten in 3x as many races in 2016 as I did in 2015??) Wahoo!

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