Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Jeri the MASTER

I knew early in the week, that today's run was going to get stuck on the treadmill.  Thunderstorms etc. are just not ideal for Jerbear to run in.  When I checked the weather report this afternoon to find 30-45 mph winds, that further solidified the deal.  Gym bound am I.  I had 6 easy miles to take care of and thought I would get some good magazine reading in.

Unfortunately, the magazines were the type with super stiff bindings to them that would not lay flat on the monitor for my reading pleasure.  That coupled with the fact that I was dying of heat stroke (aka sweating like a banchee) made for a not so fun run.  It could've been much much worse, but give me the great outdoors (in great weather conditions, mind you) over the treadmill any day (except when the conditions are not great, as previously mentioned :p).  To keep myself from going completely looney tunes, I bumped up the speed on the final mile to help the time pass.  Seriously, it is such a good thing that I'm not trying to be that cutesy girl picking up guys at the gym, because I looked rugged after a run.  No one should sweat that much during an "easy paced" run.  Also, can we discuss how super painful sweat in the eyeball is?  Um...yeouch.

I did 6 miles in 56:51 for a pace of 9:29.  Last mile clocked in at 9:01.

So in somewhat exciting news, I'm contemplating going back to school to get my masters.  Whoot whoot!  For as long as I can remember I've been obsessed with being a librarian.  Growing up, going to the library was the equivalent of getting a "treat" for being good.  I love books.  I love children's books.  To this day if I'm in a crummy mood, I know that a visit to the library will cheer me right up.  I've always had it in the back of my mind that I would work after college at paying down my undergrad debt (oy!) and shoot for 30 to go back to school.

Now I'm concerned that I have no idea where I'll be at in my life at 30, and why wait?  Why not be finishing up at 30?  Right now I have the most free time that I will ever have.  Potentially down the road, I could have a sexy hubby and adorable little bambinos (b/c cute me + sexy hubby would = adorable bambinos, obv).  Other than running and working, I don't have a whole lot on my plate.  Thus the researching started.

Originally I was convinced I should move to Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN and get my Masters in Library Science at St. Kate's.  The fact that I kept putting that idea to the back of my mind had me thinking that maybe wasn't the best solution.  Rent is sooooooo much more expensive there, and I don't want the added stress of finding a new job, getting a new job, training at a new job, moving, blaaaaaaaaaaah on top of a heavy school load.  Then I started looking into online programs that are part-time, and I think we have a winner.  I have a massive spreadsheet with a ridiculous amount of details that I've filled out about every school in the US that has the program online (yes, seriously), and have the search narrowed down to about 5-6 schools.

The schools that I have narrowed it down to are as follows: University of Alabama, Wayne State University (Detroit, MI), North Carolina Central University, Clarion University of Pennsylvania, University of South Carolina, and University of Washington.  Any insight on any of these programs (hear that lib lads and ladisses?) is greatly appreciated.  Also, any insight on online programs in general would be great.  I've never taken online classes, so I'm a bit nervous.  Advice would be appreciated.

So now it's time for me to put my nose in the books to study up for the GRE and spend the next 6 months narrowing down my choices for applications due in the spring for Fall 2011.  Um...heck yes?  And just like that my dream is closer and closer. :)

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Amy - the gazelle said...

I know UW's program is great - I almost went there, but I can't speak for the others.

However - I can speak for online graduate programs. I am just finishing up my 1st year in one (it's 100% online), and I have to say that I actually love it. I was hesitant at first, because when I was in undergrad (go Jacks!) I couldn't even use the computer to do research (unless I was researching porn, I suppose), much less do anything else.

Online learning is both more challenging and easier than I expected. Part of that is that graduate school is more challenging than I expected, and re-learning how to manage my own work load while balancing work + relationship + marathon training was...ummm...hard. BUT - a year in, and I wouldn't trade anything. If you have any specific questions, let me know!

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

Yes, hands down the UW (University of Washington) I knew someone who went through their inclass program years ago. She enjoyed it and actually used the Masters to land a very good job with Amazon.com. Of course the UW is my Alma as well - so I am a little biased.

Interesting, thing - I was just looking into this very Masters Progam myself not too long ago. Yeah, more money on more degrees - at my age? Never too old to learn something new!!! Good luck.

baker said...

good luck on the grad schools! thats exciting stuff!

as far as sweat in the eye...
did you ever notice i wear a wristband w a star on it? that's not just for fashion, well, maybe partially, but you wipe your eyes w it when the sweat gets too insane. try one! they are like a dollar on ebay.

John said...

Another UW Husky alum here! I don't know anything about their Library Sciences program, but I l-o-v-e-d the school. Go Dawgs!

Good for you for pursuing your dreams - too many people settle after college, and sink into a career that they really don't enjoy. And now is definitely the time to give it a go - life just gets more and more complicated as you get older. Good luck!

Heather said...

I hate sweat in the eyes too. And then when you take a shower and get your hair wet and it happens all over again? Yeah, that's real fun.

Good luck with all the school stuff - exciting!

Jamie said...

Sweat in the eyes is the worst! Good luck figuring out the grad school. And smart to do it now! Not sure I have it in me to go back.

Pining for Pinterest said...

I might have a study guide for the GRE's. I will let you know if you are interested in seeing it :) I think that is great to get it done now!! I went back when I had a kid and was pregnant while working full time. I would recommend it earlier to make it easier on yourself ;)

No Longer Using said...

GREs suckkkk :) but that is just my experienc. sometimes it is fun to study for a test like that (def study cuz how you take the test is just as important as what you are actually tested on).

HOORAY for getting back to school. i'm sooooooooo excited to be going back i can't wait. i also love librarians!!! tho i don't know exactly what they do, but i love them all the same :) and i ADORE children's books!!!!! i could sit in the children's section all day...

Anonymous said...

That is so awesome that you are going for your masters! My sister just got her masters online in Special Ed and she LOVED it.

Amy said...

I just found your blog and am so excited! I just started working on my masters is library science this semester and absolutely love it! Libraries rock! :)