Friday, December 31, 2010

A quest for 3k

Midway through the summer, I posted my halfway through the year where am I at with my goals/resolutions blog, and Joe commented that we were both shooting for 1500 miles this year, and were roughly at the same mileage so far in the year.  We set about checking in at the end of each month to cheer each other on.  After a couple of random injuries, it became clear early in the fall that I was going to come up just short of my goal.

It was at this point that a genius idea was formed:  together we would complete 3,000 miles for the year!  (now you may be thinking...."wow Jeri, that makes you a slacker, since he's picking up all of your slack."  And you would be correct in that statement. :p),  We did end-of-month check ins to see where we were via twitter.  Of course, in coming just down to the wire (after taking a week off after Vegas, and then being deathly ill for a week, I again was coming up short) we realized we were going to meet our goal with a day to spare!  At the beginning of this week we had 9 miles to complete and Joe was having some achilles pain.  Of course, I manned up and offered to carry the team.... (geez, the nerve of the guy... I mean.. COME ON! [said in Gob from Arrested Development voice/tone FYI]). 

After 5 tempo miles were done on Tuesday (yes, me, who's not on a training program, opted to do a tempo run out of my own free will..... I was equally as shocked), we had 4 miles left to complete our goal.  The plan was made:  We would run our remaining miles "together" from different time zones (although don't ask us to coordinate those times... we... uh... struggled a bit) and hit our goal "together"!

#JJ3kChallenge:  Complete!

(FYI My first attempt at this photo was a major fail.  Apparently my macbook's photobooth takes photos in mirror image.... I'm so sweet.)

What do you say Joe, 3200 next year?  I'm in for at least 1600.  ;)

Tuesday tempo miles:  5 miles in 45:11.  Tempo miles:  8:25, 8:20, 8:29.
Thursday easy miles:  3 miles in 28:19.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome year for you!

Check out my giveaway if you haven't already :)
Best of luck in 2011.

Kristin Miller said...

Hey I posted your giveaway!!! I don't have twitter, maybe I'll have my husband do it ;-)

PLEASE tell me how you log your runs. I have a Garmin but I can't figure out how to get my info on a graph etc. Email me if ya can:

Thanks J! GO PACK!