Sunday, December 19, 2010

Vegas Marathon Race Photos

Friday night (yes I'm so cool that I go to the gym on a Friday night) I hit the gym for run #2 post-Vegas.  Can I just say how hard it is to find motivation to run when A) it's balls cold outside (yes that's an official temp here in SoDak) and B) the treadmill is sooooo boring.  Luckily I don't start official training until mid-February, so I'm cutting back my mileage quite a bit to give my body and brain a break.

I had another 3 miles to run.  My legs felt like junk again for the first half mile, but after that they loosened up quite nicely and the run flew by.  I would've actually done 5 miles if I had the time to do so. Social life calls!  Apparently the word has got out that cuckoo runner Jerbear isn't quite as cuckoo right now, so everyone wants to hang out before I disappear off the planet again.  Yippee!  :p

I did 3 miles in 27:53 for a pace of 9:17.

The good news is that my heart rate wasn't terrible high after the run, and came down really quickly when I was doing my cooldown walk.  Much much better than Wednesday's run where it was still 150-160 2-3 minutes after being done.  Haha.  Yikes.

I know I included a lot of the proofs from the race in to my race report, but I ended up breaking down and buying my race pics.  About a quarter of the way into the marathon, when I knew it wasn't going to go as planned, my new race goal was to take great race photos.  It seemed only right to have this as my goal after spending the weekend with The Angry Runner whom is known for taking some amazingly awesome race photos (to be honest, it's because she's a b.a. runner, not because she's not cute).
I can't believe the peace sign chick is trying to steal my cuteness thunder in this photo.  Damn her.

This is my fakey mcfake smile. 

My favorite photo of the bunch.

Naturally I found the lady in green to pose with for my finisher photo.  
Cute touch by RnR.

And there's gotta be one deathly awful photo right?  
What is it that my arms are doing exactly?

I wish there was a close up finisher picture.  
At least we can pretend that it's uber cute since there's no proof of otherwise.
Also, apparently I got a nice little tan frolicking around the desert for 4 1/2 hours.  

The best part of the race pics is that Luke and I were out celebrating life on Tuesday night when he got the email that the race photos were posted.  You'd better believe we stopped in our tracks to view all of our race photos immediately.  We're really cool like that.  :)

I gave in and did the Top Words on Facebook that tells you the top 10 words that were used in Facebook statuses for 2010.  I thought mine were not even a little bit surprising and wanted to share them.....
Here are top words from my Facebook status messages!

I'd say that pretty much sums me up to a T, no?  Except the D.  I'm willing to bet that D actually equals yeah... again.  Sums me right up.  Hah.


Anonymous said...

BRB still cracking up at what you wrote about me in this post. ;)

Scot said...

I like the first one. Very cute expression.

Lucas said...

We are cool like that. You needed to have cute race pictures because I had a grand total of 1 picture of awesome failness. Soooooo when we going back? ;)

Jamie said...

like all the pics. if you are going to do it it might as well be from a race in sin city!

Dom and Trey said...

What are you grabbing in the awesomely awful photo?!? Hahah. You are a pro at taking race photos I need to take notes :D


Anonymous said...

You win for awesomely bad photo!

Your favorite is my favorite too!

Badgergirl said...

Great photos! They must have only had photogs on course who were capable of taking good race photos. :)

Glenn Jones said...

Thank goodness they got one of you not smiling! I'm jealous enough as it is. How can you get so many good ones? BTW - which one is the showgirl (just kidding!!).

Great photos. Shows what a great time you had. Next time - L.A.?