Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Race Report: Race for the Cure 10k

Saturday I took on my first ever 10k, in memory of my friend who recently passed away from breast cancer.  In lieu of my normal Team Green style, I wore pink (whaaaaaaa??!?!?).  No worries, I still rep'd with my green Kinvaras (phew...).  I got to the race super early because this event is known to drawn major crowds.  Before too long I found my running friends/Daily Mile crew.  A few of us took off on an easy, easy warm up jog.  I proceeded to ask Tom what his goal pace/goal time would be 12,000x.  I'm sure I was annoying x 12,000. :)

Last year's race was gun timed, so we made sure to line up near the front of the 7:30-8 minute mile pace sign.  I started my watch when the gun was shot and crossed the line a few short seconds afterward.  I knew that the first couple of miles were going to be up and down, so I tried not to watch my Garmin too much.  Except when I looked down and it said 7:20s.  Uh yeah.... slow down a smidge. 
Mile 1 7:45

The second mile was more rolling hills, and I was surprised at how good I felt.  I've never done a 10k, but I've done lots of 5ks, and mile 2 is usually a shit-show.  I was running under 8 minute pace and feeling just dandy.
Mile 2 7:56

It was around this time that I lost sight of Tom's red shirt (I expected him to beat me, but wanted to keep him in my sight as long as I could).  We continued on to the bike path which was much too narrow to house all the runners.  There was one spot on a bridge where a couple was running shoulder to shoulder and I was stuck waiting until we crossed.  There was another area where I had to surge through the grass to pass someone because we had started to get some of the out and back traffic.  At the halfway point I was at 24:48 (I think).
Mile 3 7:57

Going in to the race, I figured the fourth mile was going to suck.  I assumed it would be the equivalent of mile two in a 5k.  But nope.  I kept right along, slowly passing some folks that had started off too fast.  This was my favorite mile because I got to see a lot of my friends who were running since it was the out-and-back traffic.  I only managed to rustle up energy to cheer for Sara, however.  Sorry other runner friends. :P
Mile 4 7:57

Uff.  Mile 5 was hot.  The sun was up in full force, and we were running in to it without any trees to shade us.  I started to get hot.  A couple of chicks passed me and I promised my legs I'd catch them in the final mile.  I also think there might have been a slight incline during this mile.  But really, I just wanted to be done.  Ooops, there goes my "all miles sub-8, plan."
Mile 5  8:08

I got to the final mile and started to think about Jess.  I knew this would be the toughest mile of the race, and kindly asked her to take over for me.  ;)  I imagine that heaven makes you a crazy fast runner automatically, no?  :)  I tried to do some mental math (which clearly is a bad idea because I suck at math when running, and KNOW THIS) to see what I could finish at.  I did pass the few girls that had passed me during my previous miles slow down.  Phew.  Pride avenged...er something...

There was a nice little downhill in that mile, and I was disappointed to see that there were two separate finish lines, and the one I was shooting for was the furthest away.  GAH!  I've done the 5k in this race two years previously, and the start/finish line was moved way back.  I probably should've adjusted my "kick" based on this, but my brain was tired and didn't think.  I noticed that I didn't have my normal speedy finish in me.  But I also wasn't on the verge of barfing my guts out (my concern after the half finish).  I kept my eye on a couple of people right in front of me, and passed them.

Mile 6 7:57
.25 1:56 (7:08 pace)

I'm kind of annoyed by the extra .05, since that equates to what... 15-20 seconds at that pace?  For once I ran the tangents like a mofo (thanks to Tom explaining the race route in detail before we started).  But oh well.  Also, I was treated to a nice surprise, when the official results were posted and the race was actually chip timed, not gun timed like we thought.  Hello extra seconds taken off my time.  :)

My official time was 49:27 for a pace of 7:54.

And can we talk for one moment about my insane consistency (ignoring miles 1 & 5) for the race?  If I had tried to run 7:57s they would've been all over the place.  Too funny.

Sub 50?  Goal met!
Sub 8 minute pace? Goal met!
Not barfing at the finish?  Goalt met!

Overall for women, I placed 46 out of 349.  After creeping on the 5k results, I realized that at my 10k pace, I would've finished somewhere around 20th out of 1100 women.  How in the world was the 10k that much more competitive?!?!?  Jeepers.

It was a great day, and I know with some speedwork focus (yes, last speedwork training run was April 20th, oops!) I can definitely take that 10k time down.  Plus it makes me think that my 5k time should be much speedier than it is. 

Oh, and according to Kyle I gave everyone spectating a peepshow of my cheeks on my final kick to the finish.  So maybe that's why some of those dudes let me pass them.  ;)

**Clearly my Team Green fan club aka paparazzi extraordinaire were not in attendance, and Kyle TGIT (Team Green in Training) has not yet been taught in the art of spectating AND taking hundreds of photos.  So just imagine me in pink, with my stellar highlighter yellow arm sleeves, and booty shorts with cheekage.  Also, I'm running faaaaaaaaaaaaaast.**


Bree said...

Kick ass PR! Fargoooo is going to go so awesome for you.

Heather said...

Nice job on the 10k!

Jamie said...

Way to kick some booty! Awesome job!!!

bobbi said...

You killed it!! Great job!

Susan said...


No pics of the booty shorts??? That's one way to increase blog traffic. hahaha

Katie said...

you are ridiculous! nice job.

Jessie said...

Congrats on your first 10k!
I've only run one myself, but I think it might be my favorite racing distance.

J said...

Great job on your First 10k! That is awesome! We have very few 10ks here so I hope I can run one this year. It is such a nice distance!

Richelle said...

Nice work!

Anonymous said...

whooo hoo you are so speedy! I am doing a 10k at the beginning of June but considering the fact that I havent run since my half I am not going to make too lofty of goals

Anonymous said...

Way to go on an awesome race (and for a great cause)!!

Evolving Through Running said...

Great job Jeri! Where does this put you in your friendly virtual competition?

Kier said...

Way to go on the PR!

Aron said...

Awesome job on the 10k girl!! I think the 10k is the suckiest of all the races :) you did awesome!! Watch out MARATHONNNNN!

running.guy said...

I've learned about your Race OCD-ness, I'm a bit the same way which is why I pre-ran the route twice!

BTW, you only asked about my goal pace about 10,000 times :)

Congrats on a great race.

I think you should put the Turkey Day 10K on your to-do list later this year (http://www.turkeyday10k.com/) It was a really great race last year!