Monday, June 17, 2019

Race Report: Run for their Lives 10k

I added one last run to my spring/summer schedule as a bit of a reception run since I was sick leading up to the Fargo half. I had hoped that some of my fitness would hang on to have a decent 10k day. Plus my running friends Tom and Sara put on the race in a nearby town for a great cause.


I had thought I could run the 10k around 8:15-8:25 pace. Based on the warmer temps and humidity, I dialed that back to 8:40s, thinking that would be comparable. LOLZ. Reminder to Jeri: you do not race well in the heat. Especially if you've yet to really run in the heat. Got it?


So as previously stated, I started off conservatively. And about a quarter mile into the second mile I started to feel like toast. Not exactly great when you have FIVE MORE MILES TO RUN. I pushed likely way harder than I should have, and in mile 3 I knew I needed to slow way down to finish.

I think I started walk breaks around the 5k mark, which is impressive for a 10k when you've run a million marathons and half marathons. Derp. 

1. 8:40
2. 8:53
3. 9:40

Luckily in the 4th mile we started to meet up with the 5k runners, so there were significantly more people around. And we were all walk running out there in survival mode. I saw a couple of running friends from the Friday morning coffee run and caught up to them, and the gave me a second wind to push through to the end. I didn't realize they were doing the 5k until after.

4. 10:10
5. 10:44
6. 10:16<--this was me picking up the pace to finish. :P
.08 :39 for 8:09 pace

This smile is a lie

You will rarely, if ever hear me say this, but thank goodness for a short course! I took all sorts of sweaty post-race hugs, and chugged so much water and gatorade because I was feeling light headed and unsteady on my feet.

I survived, and it raised good money, and I got to see lots of my running friends, but it made for a not so great evening out to celebrate Kyle's bestie's wedding! Uff da.

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