Monday, March 29, 2010

16 miles + Running Watermelon

This weekend I had 16 mile attempt #2.  I had originally planned on heading out around 10am, until N expressed his interest in sleeping in until 10.  Say whaaaaaaaat?  This kid is usually up and at 'em at 8am, so I took the extra Zzzzz's.  By the time I did head out, lunch time ish, the sun was shining, the birds were chirping and all was right with the world.  After checking with a couple of my runner buddies, I got the all clear on the bike trails not being flooded anymore.  Hurrah!  I took off in shorts and a long sleeve shirt.

Less than a half mile into the run, and my stomach was hurting.  My cereal, which has caused tummy pain 0 times thus far when used before LRs, had broken its streak.  I knew there was a bano about 4 miles in to the trail, so I set my sights on that.  Do you know how hard it is to get into that "groove" of effortless mindless running when you need to go to the bathroom  Answer:  hard.

1. 9:21

2. 9:26
3. 9:34
4. 9:29

After the bathroom break, I thought I would be all systems go.  Nada.  My legs were tired and heavy, and seemed to be barely shuffling along.  A quick recant of my runs this week.  Monday 8 miles hilly route, b/c trails were closed.  Tuesday 8 mile tempo run that SUCKED. Thursday 8 mile uber hilly route.  Where were my easy rest miles for this week?  Oooops.  Oh well, my legs will be way more tired than this during the marathon, so I'd better buck up now, eh? :)

The other thing that was driving me absolutely batty was my Garmin.  Because of the overcast skies throughout most of the run, my "current pace" was sooooo very off.  It typically showed me running 11-14 minute miles.  As you can tell based on my mile splits, this was not exactly "right."  On a run where you don't exactly feel on, it sucks to have your Garmin oh so very off as well.

5. 9:35

6. 9:40
7. 9:35
8. 9:38

The middle third, which is usually my least favorite portion of the run, was actually my fave.  I saw a lot of friendly faces out on the trails.  You can tell who else has their long run rotation on Saturdays, you start to see the same familiar faces out there.  Plus, the wind was at my back for part of this run, which ALWAYS helps to make the run more enjoyable. 

9. 9:40

10. 9:26
11. 9:31
12. 9:24

The last 4-5 miles were done into the wind and it was brutal.  Before I left, I had thought the wind was supposed to be around 6-7 mph.  Barely a whisper.  However, I knew that this was much much stronger than that.  I kept trudging along because I was just ready to be DONE!  After seeing my paces for these miles, I can see why I was so wiped.  I was running hard, fast (for the end of 16) and into the wind.  That's not supposed to feel easy!  When I got home, my friendly weatherbug report 20 mph winds, and 30 mph wind gusts.  Ooooh, so that's what was blowing me across the trail...that's what I thought.  :p

13. 9:25

14. 9:32
15. 9:13
16. 8:38

I finished 16 miles in 2:31:14 for a 9:28 pace.

This definitely wasn't the easiest run, but I will learn from it that easy runs during the week really should be easy in most aspects.  Tired legs do not bode well on long runs.  But hey, I was happy to get out there in shorts regardless. 

While we were hanging out Friday night, I got super excited for the unveiling of my marathon race day outfit.  (What?  You don't plan out your outfits 2 months in advance?  Weirdos...)  I plopped down my outfit next to Nick with a huge grin on my face.
N:  You're going to look like a running watermelon.
Hah, not quite the reaction I was going for, but not altogether inaccurate.  At least I'll be easy to pick out in the crowd! :)

In other exciting news, Nicholas bought a house last week.  Whooo!!!  Too bad it's in Minnesota.  Boooo!!  I'm still super excited for him, and have already begun pushing for running puppy #1.  Is it too early to ask for my golden retriever for Easter???  :)

Ooh!  I added some pages to my bloggy mcblogsome.  Check out my Running Story and Race Results & Reports.


Marathon Maritza said...

Great job on your 16 miler, especially with the wind! I can pretty much muster enough the energy to run in everything BUT the wind, so I give you major props for that!

I LOVE planning my running outfits and I love love love the watermelon outfit! CUTE!

Anonymous said...

Way to push through 16 miles! You are just rockin' the long runs!

I love the race outfit! You'll be easy to spot and look super cute at the same time. I'm wearing those same shorts for my marathon (different color), they are my absolute favorite.
I'm seriously getting so excited for you! I can't wait to read your race report, I'm thinking of doing that race next year possibly. Unless the 26.2 distance kills me on my first marathon. ha. Keep up the good work!
ps. New blog specifically just for running. Last time I change it, I promise! haha

Glenn Jones said...

Congrats on the tough run. These are the ones that you need brain wise for your upcoming race. Way to tell your mind tht you were doing this come hell or high water!

How can he say that's a watermelon? Put those colors on me - now that would resemble a watermelon. But on you? I wouldn't want to buy a watermelon that scrawny in the store!

Heather said...

Nice job on the long run! I have gotten so pissed off at my garmin when it pulls that crap that I have been tempted to throw it in the river. So annoying!

I like the watermelon look!

Anonymous said...

Heh, cute race day attire!! Do a few LRs in that shirt if you can - make sure you don't get any sleeve chaffing! :)

I had a high-mileage (read: No easy runs) week before my first 18 miler and didn't even think about it until about mile 13..when I wanted to DIE. Way to push through this one, and also reflect on what could've been different to make it a little easier on the legs :)

whats the race countdown?!

Susan said...

I hate when my garmin acts up...drives me nuts!

I love the marathon'll be one cute (and sweaty!) watermelon. :)

Anonymous said...

sounds liek U had some hellacious runs...good work!!

Dwayne said...

Yikes! Brutal run. I had an 8 miler with 4 into the wind that I thought was bad. I have NOo room to complain after reading about your experience.

Regarding the Garmin, have you tried resetting it? (see below) That may help. Note that you will lose all data from it, so download your workouts first. Good luck!

Press Mode (bottom left side button) and Reset (left front button) simultaneously, let go, then press On (top left side button).

Jamie said...

Great job on the windy 16! My garmin has been acting like that lately too - so annoying!

I like the race day look! Being bright and easy to find is key!

J said...

Love the watermelon look! Sorry the run didnt go so well. We have all had those! Great job on making it through though!