Monday, March 15, 2010

Race Report: GW,MA!6.66MR

Even though I have been feeling under the weather, I still decided to hit the trail for the Global Warming, My Ass!* 6.66 Mile Run GW,MA!6.66MR Wednesday night after work.  I had an easy 7 miler on the schedule, and knew with a real race coming up on Saturday, I wouldn't have any other days to get the run in.  I figured I would rock the 6.66 "race" and have a pleasant little .34 mile cool down.

Prior to heading out I freaked slightly about wearing only running tights for the run.  I don't know what my deal is.  I can wear spandex shorts for volleyball or booty shorts a la Chic Runner but running tights make me extremely self concious.  After sending out a tweet, and getting many, "you're retarded, go run!" comments (ok, not at all everyone was super nice) I decided to go with it.  And to further combat my fear, photos for the whole world wide web.  Because if I can handle the world seeing me in spandex tights, than surely I wouldn't mind the 4-5 people that'll be seeing me in motion on the trail.  (Amazing logic, no?)

First thing to note when taking photos of black tights, try to not stand in front of an all black chair.  Look at the levitating upper body.  Jerbear, you are SO talented.

The second photo (which has been omitted), was actually taken in front of the sweet lady graphic on my wall.  So it looked like I had pink Medusa-like hair blowing in the breeze.  Second thing to note:  Do not take photo of black tights in front of white wall.  Yikes.

By the third photo I was sick of setting my timer and running back to my spot so I figured it would have to do.

And then just before heading out, one more picture, because apparently I'm feeling photogenic today.  Photo taken to highlight my GB Marathon training program.  Whoo!

As I was heading out the door, I remembered my running buddy/gym buddy/future Amazing Race partner had told me that part of the bike trail was closed.  Eff.  Let's make this GW,MA!6.66MR an EXTREME race.  GW,MA!6.66MR-X! 

Shortly after taking off, sure enough I meanandered up to the first Bike Trail closed sign.  Now good citizens of my city would've turned around and gone home.  Whereas I used my cunning brain power and logic to rationalize that this sign did not apply to me.  Bike trail?  What bike trail?  This here is my running trail.  And I don't see anything about a running trail being closed.  Let's venture on.
I did get a lot little nervous as I approached bridge #1 and noticed another bright orange sign.  It is one thing to run past a bike path closed sign.  It is quite another to past a "Do not cross this bridge as it may collapse and you will surely die via impact or shock from freezing cold water, possibly both" sign.

Being the rebel that I am.  I ventured on because I'm dumb.

Blatent disregard for cautionary signs:  0  Jeri:  2

I tippy toed across the bridge (because tippy toeing causes you to weigh less, thus NOT cause the bridge collapse and die via impact or shock from freezing cold water, possibly both.

Shortly there after I finally understood the closure signs.  There is a bridge that is being redone along the route.  Since there has been heavy construction traffic through the trail, there are thick mud pockets covering the trail.  The only way around the situation was to hightail it up the river embankment, through some slushy wet snow, and back down the otherside in extreme mud and yuckiness.  Enter:  EXTREME.  I'm not very extreme, so again, I tried to tippy toe down the river bank so I could keep my shoes from turning a darker shade of mud brown, and eventually made my way back to the trail.

My pace was borderline attrocious, but spot on for where I was supposed to be for my easy run, so whatever.  Plus I thought this virtual race was all about breaking laws via disobeying road closure signs (which I'm clearly winning, hands down, thus far).

Uh ya, don't try to cross *this* bridge any time soon, or you will surely die via impact or shock from freezing cold water, possibly both.  [Apparently this shiz is going on through the end of March!  Don't these a holes know that some of us are in the midst of MARATHON TRAINING?!?!]

The rest of the run race was actually really beautiful with the sun going down and the snow lining the river.  I tried to take some shots while running, but it's freakin' HARD.  I don't know how you guys take pictures while racing.  I also tried to get a legit picture of how high the snow drifts still are after a couple of weeks of above freezing temps and rain, but they didn't turn out and I was just ready to be done.
I finished the 6.66 miles in 1:05:29 for a pace of 9:50. 
And my poor shoes will never be the same.  RIP clean beautiful Asics.


Anonymous said...

lol! way to go!!! nice photo journey, too :) the white jacket + hat look so good on you, btw!!!!

Jen Feeny said...

Trail Closure - 0 / Jeri - 1

Way to go girly! :)

Pining for Pinterest said...

Oh my goodness! Way to go on still getting in your run! Poor shoes :(

Anonymous said...

haha, Blatant-disregard for cautionary signs goes a long way! tough chick = Jeri

my "old" shoes look like that too, thanks to a trail-ish 1/2 m in the snow/rain/mud back in December. Don't worry, it's just a "badass" stamp. wear it proudly! ;)

RunToTheFinish said...

first yes you should feel awesome in tights with those cute legs! second you are nutz!

X-Country2 said...

I know the "photo timer run back and forth" all too well. :o) You look great, and what a fantastic run.

Heather said...

Nice job on the run! Whenever I see road closed signs, whether running or driving, I just don't believe they apply to me. I kinda entitled like that.

Jamie said...

You look great! Nice job on the off road (trail?) adventure!

Steel Springs said...

The tights look great. You don't need to be self-conscious. I love your description of tip-toeing across the bridge. I think it does minimize danger. Nice job on the extreme race!

Anonymous said...

Great job on the run! I love that you ignored the caution signs

Glenn Jones said...

Wow! It still looks cold out there! Don't you guys know it's spring this week?

What a nice adventure too. Just the kind I don't like when I'm out running....