Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up: Movies

My weekend can be summed up with one word:  movies.  Oh so many movies.  The dear boy looooooves movies.  I love weird movies.  We apparently don't love the same movies.  No surprise.  Not many share my weird movie interests.

About a month ago, I locked him in as my movie date for the premier of Alice in Wonderland.  (This is a major feat, as the boy can't plan his lunch until 11:55am.)  I love Alice in Wonderland (it was my favorite book as a child).  I love Tim Burton.  The man is a genius and can do no wrong in my eyes.  I love Johnny Depp + Tim Burton = Geniousity.

[I love AiW so much I have two t-shirts, and had to debate which one would get to be worn for the movie.  It was a big deal.  Somehow managed to not be a big enough deal to document by photo I guess.  Sweet life.]

I adored Alice in Wonderland.  I wanted to be Alice.  I wanted to own every dress that she wore in the movie (especially the red and black one--amazeballs).  I wanted to have tea at the Mad Hatter's tea party.  I wanted the Queen of Hearts to like me for my oversized forehead, and I wanted the White Queen to make me up in all of her pale glory.  Nick hated it.  We're talking complained on the way to the car, once we got home, and the next day.  What a baby.  Oh well.  I can put up with a butt ton of complaining for this gorgeous movie.  Unfortunately, we didn't see it in 3-D, so I might have to venture out to see it again.  Rest assured it will be sans Nick. 

Prior to going to Alice, we also watched Fast and the Furious 3.  Yes, I hate these movies.  I'm not much of an action movie type of girl.  The last F&tF movie I saw was Toyko Drift and apparently that doesn't even count as a "real" F&tF movie.  Whatever, it stank.  The movie was actually pretty good, and at least I could stare longingly at Paul Walker's baby blues if I got bored.  [See Nick, that's how you don't complain about a movie you don't enjoy.  Take notes.]

Sunday we headed off for movie date #2 in less than 24 hours (we're hardcore, truth) Shutter Island.  We have made several (roughly 4) attempts at seeing this movie and our plans have been thwarted every time.  I was actually really excited to see it, as I heard it was twisted and a "thinker movie." Thinker movie = guarenteed Jerbear stamp of approval.  Uh...not so much.  I didn't really enjoy this movie.  I was expecting WAY more.  Yes, it was a thinker movie, but not really if you're a thinker.  Oy, I probably just offended all of you now.  Ignore that sentence.  Throw tomatoes, just no bombs in the mail thankyouverymuch.

We also watched Taken (see I told you it was the weekend of movies!) which I have already seen before, but I truly love.  It's so good. 

On the way back home [waaaaaaaah] I had all but convinced myself to skip my 5 mile easy run.  It was dark.  It was late.  It was misting.  My legs were sore.  When I checked the weather report and realized it was above freezing after 9pm, I realized I didn't have an excuse not to run.  I decided I would head out for 3.  One mile in my legs felt great, so I decided to do the 4 mile route.  Forget that the 4 mile route includes some major hills.  Uh ouch.  Was going to stretch the run to 5 miles as previously planned, but was desperately hungry for supper.  I ended up with 4.25, which is considerably successful compared to zero.  However, I am pretty bummed that this is my first run of MARATHON TRAINING that I have missed/shortened.  Oh well.  Three quarters of a mile probably is going to kill me....I hope. :p

And just for fun.  I played around a bit with my camera this weekend.  Since I had just got done running 18 bloody god forsaken miles, I didn't do much pool playing.  Just pool picture taking.

As he was getting ready to go out, I suddenly remembered where my extreme like for backwards hats and hoodies came from.  Ten years later, some things don't change.  :)
Highlighting my sweet chucks (aka my hippie shoes per Nick).  [Yes I take being called a hippie as a compliment. ] N's lover bfff Joel.
The best part about running 18 miles:  you don't even have to get up to go to the bar to get your drinks.  They're brought to you.  Excellent.


Jen Feeny said...

You're probably not going to want to be friends with me after I say this but... I was so disappointed with AiW. There I said it. I actually gave up watching it and fell asleep. When the movie was over Spike was mad at me that I didn't tell him I went to sleep because he said he would've joined me. He was actually angry at the movie. I was the one who dragged him there to see it too! We sawe it in 3-D and although the graphics were absolutely breathtaking and the dresses were amazing I just expected more out of the plot line. Please don't hate me. :)

Pining for Pinterest said...

I loved the movie Taken. I am not the biggest fan of Tim Burton :( Anyway, my husband and I are big movie people too. It sounds like you had a great weekend!

Glenn Jones said...

Ha ha ha! What are you in - week 2? Already got you tired out?

Anyways - you *are* allowed to shorten runs. Just don't mess around with the quality workouts (intervas, hills, tempo) and the long runs. They provide the most benefit. The shorter recovery runs just add volume. To whack a few miles here and there isn't going to make a material difference. It's not like you don't have a good base to start on. Don't let the plan own you!

Heather said...

I feel like some hermit/90 year old lady for admitting this, but I haven't seen a movie in the theater in several years. And I rarely find the patience to watch a movie at home. I either get distracted by something else or fall asleep . . . I am so lame, I know.

Anonymous said...

never read the book..but I am interested in seeing the movie...LOVE Burton and Depp together...

Anonymous said...

i love taken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i don't think i can see that Alice movie. too wacky for me. and i don't think i can see shutter island tho i loooooooooove Leo. just too scary. i get nightmares.

hee love your shoe shot :) and cheers to that, re: drink delivery :)

Jamie said...

I love movies too! I liked Alice, thought it was gorgeous but I was annoyed with the actress who played Alice. I thought shutter island was good and stayed true to the book. I was watching it as someone who already knew the twist and thought the acting/directing was pretty incredible from that standpoint.
and it's okay to change up the non-essential / recovery runs.