Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Hometown 125th Celebration

Over the 4th of July weekend, my hometown had their 125th year celebration.  I planned to go home for the 5k on Saturday, but also to see my family, friends, and friends' babies (yes, they all have babies).  I got home Friday afternoon and spent some time catching up with the fam before tracking down one of my BFF's, Nikki.  Nikki has been living in Oregon for the past year, so I haven't seen her littlest, Kendall, and hadn't seen her oldest, Miles, since he was way too small for me to enjoy (I have a pretty strict 6 mo. age limit for holding kids).  We met up at a wood carving "booth" where a guy was making some insane art out of old tree trunks and chain saws with different sized blades.  Afterward, he would paint them, and we were beyond impressed.  This was one of the first ones he created.  Our mascot was the Warriors before we consolidated high schools.

Since it was at least 1200 degrees out we got to spend some time chilling at Nikki's parents' house playing with her wee little ones.  I fell in love with her little girl, because she is identical to Nikki.  Just a gorgeous little thing.  She's a total drool monster and non-stop giggler.  *Almost* makes me want to reproduce. :p

Saturday morning after the race, was the parade.  Nikki's dad owns a painting business in town, so she pulled Miles in a wagon, while he waved a paint brush.  Then in the afternoon, we spent some time spectating the sand (more like dirt/gravel) volleyball tourney and again trying not to sweat to death.  Miles is a complete stud so of course I had to snap some pics of his cute mug/scowly face. :)

Somehow I managed to get zero photos of Nikki and ME.  What was I thinking?  That's poor BFF-dom right there. :p
Saturday night was the crazy street dance.  I got to catch up with a bunch of my class mates, friends, etc.  I was having so much fun I barely took my camera out of my purse.  Major fail on my part.  I was smart enough to snap a pic of my other best friend, Sheana and I, where creepily enough, she looks more like me than I do.  It's bizaaaaaaare.  
Until the 150th celebration.......peace!

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