Thursday, March 8, 2018

February in Review

Total Miles:  120.14 up from 102.37 miles  last month.  41.8 miles last February. 2/12 months of 100+ goal--check!

Total Time:  20:05:05 up from 17:17:04

Total Runs: 17 runs, for an average of 7.07 miles a run.

Highest weekly mileage: 

2/19/2018 – 2/25/2018:39.1 mi6:35:1810:07 / mi

Most hardcore run: 8 miles with tempo portions, solo, in 25-35 mph winds AFTER I had just gotten over an insane cold. Where's my gold medal??

Favorite run: 13.1 miles with Toni through snow and ice. The miles flew by. Like insanely fast.

Favorite Race: Frostbite 4 Mile.

Favorite Jam: Tegan and Sara's Every Chance We Get We Run. Still. 

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