Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Spring Half Marathon Training Week 5

Monday Planned: Recovery  5 miles 
Monday Actual
Recovery  5 miles in our first day that felt spring like. Toni and I were basically giddy on the entire run. Total goofball runs with the excitement. Also we dressed alike without planning it which gets us an A+ to start the week.

Tuesday Planned:
 5 miles with strides. 8x100
Tuesday Actual
5 miles with strides. 8x100. Another day, another matching run. Hah. We got in some strides and the miles flew by.

Wednesday Planned GA 4 miles
Wednesday Actual: We actually snuck in 4.2 miles because I was really close to 120 miles for the month and I didn't want to short change myself. Ha.

Thursday Planned
 GA 5 miles
Thursday Actual
GA 5 miles, solo. Womp. We broke our identical streak because Toni had some stuff going on with her family and had to head back to WY. I was in such a big hurry (and was bummed I didn't have my buddy) so no picture after.

Friday Planned: Rest
Friday Actual: Rest.

Saturday Planned: GA 9 Miles
Saturday Actual: Long run 9 miles with Melissa. Toni was out of town, so Melissa and I met up for the long run. I was shocked by how many frozen icy/slick spots there were on the out portion. Neither of us was feeling great. Luckily once we hit the turn around, Melissa got some water to drink, we flew back toward the store on our way back.

Sunday Planned: Recovery 4 Miles
Sunday Actual: 4 recovery miles in all the wind.

Total Mileage Planned: 32 Miles
Total Mileage Actual:  32.71 miles

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