Friday, March 16, 2018

St. Patty's Day 5 Mile and 1 Mile Race Goals

I am beyond excited to race tomorrow. I always enjoy a good excuse to race in green gear and celebrate my Irish-ness! We originally had planned to race the 5 mile, as I always like a good 5 mile/10k race to help me figure out where my fitness currently is. When Toni mentioned she wanted to race the one mile too, I figured, why not? They're about 5 hours apart, so might as well try, right?

So without further adieu, here are my goals for the races!

Based on my Frostbite 4 Mile race time, the racing calculator gods seem to think I can race the five mile in an 8:14 pace. My 5 mile PR was set in 2010 on a short course. Like a quarter of a mile short. So I've told myself that if I run that pace for this race, I'll count it as an official PR and toss out the old liar of a race time. :P I ran an 8:10 for that race, so we'll see! [it's insane that 11 months ago my goal for this race distance was sub-9, so stoked for how my training has been going!]

For the 1 mile, I really want to run a post-HS PR. I've only raced one, back in 2011 after running the 5 mile and 5k at this same race series. That PR is a 7:14. I'd be really stoked for a sub 7:10. If I recover swiftly from the 5 mile race, I'm gunning for a sub 7 finish!

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