Monday, April 9, 2018

Current Obsession: Bowerman Track Club

I am obsessed with the Bowerman Track Club. Specifically the women's team. During the 2016 Olympics, I saw teammate after teammate make the USA team in their various events, and as they started being featured on various running podcasts I became even more obsessed! These chicks were badass teammates that trained together, often lived together at altitude, but also supported each other as teammates which elevated them as a squad. Legit squad goals. The fact that one of the runners, Shelby Houlihan, is from just south of here didn't hurt either. That's basically like we South Dakotans had an Olympian heading to Rio repping us!

And of course, Shalane and Amy are total badass marathon chicas, so obviously they've been beloved forever as well. But being a track girl at my core, I am full on obsessed with the speedy distance track girls: Shelby, Courtney, Colleen, Emily, and newly added gals Marielle and Kate. I basically want to go back in time and become a steepler because of Colleen and Courtney!

Fingers crossed it's nice enough weather for me to sport my Bowerman Track Club tank to support Shalane in the Boston Marathon *next* Monday!

Image from this article about the Bowerman Babes

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