Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Spring Half Marathon Training Week 10

Monday Planned: GA+Speed 8 miles 2 sets 4x150 strides
Monday Actual: 45 minute strength training session at 605 followed by some foam rolling torture.

Tuesday Planned:
Tuesday Actual: 75 minute massage.

Wednesday Planned GA 7 Miles
Wednesday Actual: 3 miles at the group run.

Thursday Planned
Thursday Actual: 1 hour Sanford POWER strength session + 4 GA miles with Toni after work. A couple of minutes of knee discomfort toward the end of the run.

Friday Planned: Recovery 3 Miles
Friday Actual: 3.5 miles of recovery in some insane wind and cold weather. Uff da.

Saturday Planned: Chilly Cheeks 5 mile Race, 10 Miles total
Saturday Actual: 8.5 miles including the Chilly Cheeks 5 mile race. So freakin' cold. Way to live up to your name Chilly Cheeks!

Sunday Planned: Endurance 10 Miles
Sunday Actual: Yoga. Toni and I had planned to do our long run, but it snowed. And snowed, and snowed. And blowed. And snowed some more. So a rest day it is.

Total Mileage Planned: 38 Miles
Total Mileage Actual:  19 miles

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