Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Easy Run + Terrible, Horrible, No Good Very Bad Day

This morning I had 6 easy miles to complete. After tossing and turning all night long, I was ready to get out of bed when Taylor's alarm went off at 4:45am. Of course than I dawdled, even though my goal was to complete the run before the sun came up. Grr. I was finally out the door. The temp said it was 53 degrees but 90% humidity, so I figured I would be a-ok in a tank and shorts. WRONG. Holy brrr....I was freezing!!!

Normally I stop at the one mile point of my easy runs to stretch out my muscles, they were so frozen that I didn't even bother until the 3 mile turn around point. Of course after stretching for a couple of minutes, what sweat I did have worked up had frozen even more. It was at the turn around point that I realized I could see my breath. Oy, I'm an idiot. Need to remember to start packing some shirts with SLEEVES for the (apparently) frigid mornings we will soon be embarking on. The one cool thing about starting off in the dark, was that I couldn't see my Garmin at all, so I truly ran by feel. And even more exciting is that my "easy" run by feel is pretty stinkin' close to my "easy" pace that I'm supposed to be doing. Umm...exactly on if you look at my time from today.

I did 6 miles in 57:57 for a pace of 9:40. Yup. The exact pace my training program says I'm supposed to be completing easy runs at. Craziness. My splits were not so even, but I blame that on the frozen state that my legs were in for the first 3 miles, and the frozen state my arms were in for the whole thing. Man oh man did I ever wish I had some of those sweet arm warmer sleeve things that some of you folks are sporting. Christmas present? Hint hint Tay. :) (pink or blue por favor) :D

1. 9:52
2. 9:58
3. 9:51:
4. 9:34
5. 9:28
6. 9:12

In other news, I'm pretty bummed that my boyfriend Brett is going to be sporting purple and gold this year. I could handle him as a Jet, not so much as a Vike. I am looking for a crew to come with me to the Monday Night game in Minnesota, so all is not lost.

And in OTHER crappy news, I won't be attending the Blink 182 concert in Minneapolis tonight. WAAAAAAH!!! If you were a follower from the beginning (which is none of you :p no one cared until I started writing about running) you'd know that I LOVE BLINK 182, and almost peed myself when they announced they were getting back together. For a few hours today, I actually thought I was going to make an impromptu trip, but that has been shot down now also. What a bummer of a day!!!

To make myself happy, I was going to challenge myself with a 5 miler this evening on top of my 6 miles from this morning. Plus it would rotate the schedule a bit leaving me with a rest day before my long 12 miler on Saturday morning. BUT NO. We have to go to dinner at an ungodly hour post-work, and will inevitably end up sitting around not eating for 2 hours, thus ruining my plans for a post-dinner run too. Anyone else want to jump on my pity party because it's about to take off full steam!!!

Ok, what I truly need is to go home and do some yoga. Today is Day 5.

Bitchfest 09 is now over. Please feel free to go about your day. :) But not before you go to X-Country2's page to check out her sweet giveaway.


Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Oy! luv it. :) -cw

Anonymous said...

Why no blink concert?! THEY ARE AWESOME - I was equally as pumped when I heard they were touring again. :) YESSS.

um, enjoy the dinner? woof. hopefully you get some good food and drink in you!

Jules said...

Hope you had a great yoga session to smooth out your day :)

Great job on your early morning easy run, wish I could find the motivation to get up real early again...maybe I will give it a try tomorrow!

J said...

great job on the run! Those cold mornings remind me of fall morning running! Takes a while for your legs to warm up!!

i heard about Brett - I am not too happy. Ppl at work were saying he is an NFL Whore! pardon my french! i just kind giggled - i work with all guys!

No Longer Using said...

oh my-- 53 degrees???? i was cold just reading this and that is something considering it was 80 degrees here when i came in to work! already!! i am SUPER curious about those arm warmer things, too!!! like are they really enough to WARM you up? or is it literally just to keep your arms warm?

and i LOOOOOOOOOOOVE BLINK 182!!! but i feel really dumb-- did not even know they broke up. lol. obviously i don't follow them religiously. i def enjoy their songs. hehehe. hooray then for them getting back together!

X-Country2 said...

Thanks for the linky link. :o)

I'm a closet Blink fan. Can't help it. Those boys are hotties!

Glenn Jones said...

53 degrees? Man - it's only August! What happened to global warming?

Did you hear about Favre eats for breakfast? Waffles! What else? Oh - maybe Eggs Benedict....

And yes - you should start flooding Taylor's email with those Zensah ads and reminders.

Kristin Miller said...

Whoa whoa whoa, Brett was your crush too?! Seriously, kindred spirit here. My FB status was "It's official: Brett Favre is no longer my old man crush. IT is now up for grabs." UGH! I'm a big packer fan bc my husband put that in our wedding vows, and UGH the vikings suck.

RunToTheFinish said...

I still don't know how you run and then stop and then start again...I just go or stop..no in between.

Hope today is better!!