Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Easy Run + New Yoga Studio + Schedule Switcheroo

The yoga streak is still alive. As soon as I walked in the door of my apartment, I got out of my work clothes and into some workout clothes. Yoga for Stress Management? Yes please. :) It could not have been a better session. Oh man. I needed to ease some of the stress for sure. Unfortunately the rest of the evening was almost as horrible as the day had been, but all has been resolved and today is all sunshine. Except for the weather that is. No sunshine there.

I woke up this morning with a 7 mile tempo run on deck. As Taylor was leaving he gave me the heads up that it was pouring. Um no. I immediately decided to do the 5 mile easy run I have on the schedule this week instead. The rain would give me a "too easy" excuse if I didn't meet my times for the tempo, so I didn't even want to tempt myself. Untempting tempo? Whoa, mouthful.

The rain was actually perfect once I finally got up and out the door (and after waiting way too long for the Garmin to pick up a signal). Just kind of light and misting. It was pitch black outside for the first couple of miles, however, so I stepped in more than a couple of puddles. BOO. Since it was so dark, I avoided the bike trails (scary when it's dark out, trust me) and ran a random route that I've never ran before. It was definitely nice to change things up a bit. My legs felt good. My pace felt easy.

I did the 5 miles in about 47:11. I know my pace was 9:34, but I forgot to ingrain the time into my brain. I'm sure that's within about 5 seconds of the actual time.

As I was running I attempted to do some problem solving. I had previously moved my long run from Sunday to Saturday to accommodate an event all day Saturday that would render me incapable of running Sunday morning. Yesterday I learned that there is another engagement we have to go to Friday night as well. I offered to be Taylor's DD and all was set. Except I realized that I would like to partake in the birthday festivities too on Friday night, so the brainstorming was set. What I came up with: I will run my 12 mile long run tomorrow before work. [Cue the B.A. background music here please.]

I know for some of you 12 miles is your mid-week long run (p.s. you're all crazy :p) but I've never done a long run before a work day. I don't have to work until 11am, so I have plenty of time to get up and get on the road before 7am and be done long stretching, icing, showering, EATING before I need to get ready for work. The run will not suffer. Work, on the other hand, might be rough going, but we'll see. I'll have to do a 5 mile easy run Friday morning, which isn't too bad. And then my 7 mile tempo Sunday NIGHT. Then Monday is a rest day. So everything SHOULD work out, and I should get to enjoy all the fun that my weekend has the potential to offer.

In other exciting news: I HAVE MY OWN YOGA STUDIO!!! Ok, not in the theoretical sense, but I have a room solely devoted to yoga. Ok, again, that's a lie. I have a room that I get to use for yoga. WHOO! Taylor lives in a 2 bedroom apartment by himself, except when we have slumber parties, of course. His apartment is pretty old school, so he only has a wall unit air conditioner. Any room but the living room is HOT, so he finally moved his bed into the living room so we can sleep and not sweat at night. Basically he has 2 bedrooms completely open.

[Enter Jeri aka Sneaky McSneakerson.]
Me: Taylor! I turned your old bedroom into a yoga studio.
Taylor: Uh ya, I saw that.
Me: Pretty sweet huh?
Taylor: No. Don't you think you could use the OTHER room. You know, the one that doesn't have ANYTHING in it.
Me: But I like this one, it has a nice stand for me to put my computer on while I'm doing the yoga poses.....
Taylor: [Not giving in. Lame sauce.]
Me: Oh hey! Turns out the other room DOES have a stand for my computer. Huh? That'll work I guess. By the way, would you rather me bring the blue yoga mat to replace the pink one? It might help "masculinize" your new yoga room.....
--End Scene--

I haven't officially "moved" the yoga studio yet, since we've been at my place since the convo started, but I might take some sweet pics for your viewing pleasure. Because, honestly, who's sweet enough to have their own room dedicated to the practice of yoga? Oh ya, that's right, me. :) I might even start practicing hatha yoga since the room is typically about 95-100 degrees on any given day. That should work just fine. :P


Amy said...

Haha, "lame sauce." That's classic.

I think it's great you have a "yoga studio" for yourself. I wish I did! some place to close the door and just do your thing.

Anonymous said...

NICE - I like this sneakiness. those rooms need to be used for Something ;)

impressed with your 12-mile morning run decision too. the most I've ever done before work was 10 - that was rough. but the weekend was SO worth it. ha, have fun!

Susan said...

Maybe you should just buy him a blue one so you do can do yoga together!! I like it.

Kristin @ The Southern Summer said...

Hahah nice! I'm thinking of turning out 2nd bedroom into a yoga studio too, but that would also require me actually doing some yoga... :)

Glenn Jones said...

I'm jealous! You can think clearly while running? It must be my advanced age, but whenever I try to do any creative thinking (swapping this run for that, shaving a few miles here for some miles tomorrow), I end up just confusing myself. I learned long ago to just program the workout into the Garmin and go with it.

X-Country2 said...

I love blog posts with conversation snipets like that. :o) "Lame sauce". Ha! I'm totally stealing that.