Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Wild West Relay Report: Time to Celebrate (And Shower!!!)

Once we had crossed the finish line, the kids in Van #1 decided to hang out in the hotel bar while waiting for the Van #2 kids to get showered and beautified. Really we were just ready to start some celebratory drinking. What's that? That was only me that was ready? No biggie. :D The hotel bar was actually really classy and there were a few other teams that had also congregated down there. I had the most delicious beer ever, but for some reason I can't think of what it was now. Eh oh well. A Blue Moon perhaps?

We took some pics to prove that we don't always look like sweaty/salty women. Here's Shannon and I looking cute.
And Julie and I cheersing to a race well down, while Amanda is just smiling. :)

You can barely see us in this one, but this is after some Van #2 folks had finally started to trickle downstairs. Amanda, myself, Steve, and Julie looking dark. Ha.

And here we are again after demolishing a hummus platter sampler. We were a little on the ravenous side.On the way out of our hotel to get in our sweet minivans and head to dinner, I spotted this SUV. After 2 beers on a fairly empty tummy this was the funniest thing that I had ever seen. I've seen fully camoued hunting vehicles, I do live in SoDak for goodness sake, but a random 8 inch tall paneling? Just the gas lid? So you probably can't see me in this photo, but I'm blending in with the SUV and my surroundings. Too. Funny.

Again another dark pic, but here is part of the crew at an Italian restaurant in Steamboat Springs. There wasn't seating for 1 hour+ for a party our size, so we decided to take up the whole bar area. No way were we waiting that long for food!
Pretty ladies. :) After dinner, most of the group called it a night as they had to get up around 4am to head back to Denver for their crazy early flights. I didn't have to get up until 7:30am, so I was ready to socialize. Except mostly everyone else was ready to crash. :( So I hung out with a couple of our sweet volunteers playing Colorku (like sudoku but with colors) and drinking a Skinny Dip. Yum. Carly let me have one that she bought from the brewery in Ft. Collins that I had to miss. I was so tired that I drank half and called it a night also. Hah.

The next morning Bobbi was bummed that she didn't get a pic of our gorgeous hotel room. I offered up my modeling skills for her. I call this pose, "I just woke up. Let me fluff my hair for you." Do you like? Contact my Agent.
I hope you enjoyed my recap. Clearly there are many things left out, but that's what happens when you wait almost 2 weeks to do your recap. :p I would suggest Wild West Relay to anyone out there who is interested. But if you're coming from a pancake flat area, maybe think twice. Or do some training on a treadmill so you can practice a 2 mile incline. ;)
The question that was on everyone's mind is: When's the next one? Whenever/wherever, I'm in.*
*Unless it's in the mountains. Then I'm out. :p


Trying To Heal said...

um, why is there no picture of your snuggle buddy in that recap!?!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!

i <3 you. :)

Jen Feeny said...

So fun! I can't wait to do RAGNAR. THank you so much for such a fun recap!!! :)