Friday, August 14, 2009

Well Hello There Mullet Man + Foto Friday

I woke up to the alarm this morning after having the craziest dream. Thanks Heather for blogging about your dream, so I would feel like such a loser for sharing mine. :p Anyway, in my dream, Taylor and I were being tracked down by Voldemort, and we had to separate for a couple of years to keep him from catching us. The dream was really long, and involved me running through a shopping mall and a bridal store (???) [don't read into that Tay] and eventually we ended up snuggling up to each other in bed after Tay had defeated him.

When I told Tay about the dream, he said, "I'd do my magic shit on Voldemort and kill him!" So at least I know I'd be protected if this dream were to actually happen. Why oh why do I have Voldemort on the brain?? sho.
Anyway, I had an easy 5 on the schedule today. Shortly after starting the run, I readjusted it to 4 miles. I have an 11 mile long run in the morning, and that is much more important than me hitting 30+ miles for the week. I like to have FRESH legs for my long runs. Plus, the headwind was less than fun.

I thought I was running crazy slow when my one mile beeped at me. However, after making the out and back in 4.08, I realized that the first mile was probably closer to 1.08 miles. Not sure why my Garmin HATES me, but oh well. :p

I did 4.16 miles in 39:59 for a pace of 9:37.
1.08 10:31 (9:45 pace)
2. 9:48
3. 9:23
4. 9:39
.08 39 (8:22 pace)

P.S. I saw the most AWESOME mullet on my run today. I wish I would've had a camera with me. He also had skin tight running gear on, including long biker shorts, with short shorts over the top of them. Amazing sauce.

In other news, my feet are seriously jacked up! I had put ~100 miles on my new running shoes prior to the Wild West Relay, so I thought they were sufficiently broken in. Well, yes and no. Yes, they are broken in to run on asphalt/sidewalk/cement, but not so much on loose gravel. Oy! After my second leg of the relay, my. feet. hurt. They just weren't used to jostling around that much in my shoes. After the third leg, I had a blister the size of my face on my big toe. I keep popping it, and it keeps healing and refilling. Sickness. Plus I have many baby blisters on my toes to accompany it. But the worst, I think I will lose a couple of toe nails. :( I am monkey toed, so my second toes are longer than my big toes. Thus, when I did have some downhill stretches, those little toes were bearing the brunt of my weight. Ouchie, sorry toes! The nails are actually lose/have come up off the nail bed, and I keep catching them on the blanket at night when I'm trying to sleep. Ugh. Hopefully they'll hold on until winter time when no one has to see my feet. Although, I'm totally for painting the nail bed to camouflage the missing nail until it comes back. ;) I had to do it for prom my senior year. Classy. :)

For Foto Friday, I want to share some old school pics of one of my besties who FINALLY brought her booty back from Norway and is going to be in town this weekend celebrating her BACHELORETTE party. We had some crazy times in college, and I missed her dearly while she was away. Hopefully she doesn't make me remove any of the pics. Although she should be happy I didn't put up "THE" photo reenactment from st. pattys day. Because I was super tempted to do so. :p

Rocking some sweet hats.
Sharing a birthday cupcake/ice cream cone.

Trying to decide what to wear.

Loving life (for the moment) on St. Patty's Day 06....

A holiday that will live in infamy..... :p
Love you Special K, gonna be a great weekend!! <3


Heather said...

Great pictures - hope you have a fun weekend!

Kim said...

I didn't know that was called "monkey toed"! I am like that too, so I always have blisters on those toes.

Bye bye toenails... ;)

Jamie said...

welcome to the fun of long distance running :) My second toenail on my right foot is black and ready to fall off any day now - ewww gross! It's only the 890425734 it's happened!

Nice job on the recovery 4 and good luck on the 11!

X-Country2 said...

Aww, aren't girlfriends the BEST! Looks like you have a great bunch.

J said...

Hope your feet are feeling better! That is a lot of miles to put on your shoes in such a short amount of time!