Friday, February 2, 2018

Frostbite 4 Race Goals

It's race week yet again! Despite being a runner for a million years, I have never done the Frostbite 4. It has been on my radar for years and years and it's always been too cold or I've not been in good shape, and then what's the point of spending money to run a race to tell you that you're not in shape, right?

Because the half went so poorly, I'm really amped to have a short redemption race. Also, since I know I can spend a million years in Zone 4 of my heart rate without my organs shutting down, I should be fine to do it for 4 miles, right?! :P

A Goal: According to my 10k pace for the Thanksgiving Day race, I should be able to complete 4 miles in 8:19 pace. That sounds super hard, but it's only 4 miles, so why not, right?!

B Goal: Sub 8:30 pace. If I can do it for 6.4 miles I should be able to do it for four right?

C Goal: PR. You guys, I might be able to have a PR party tomorrow. I've only raced one other 4 mile and I did it in a 9:12 pace. I think I can I think I can I think I can.

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