Thursday, February 15, 2018

Premonitions While Running

The other day while wrapping up a super challenging tempo run in dramatically dropping temperatures, I started to get really cold. I had gone from doing back to back tempo portions, and while doing my cool down miles the temps were dropping, the winds were picking up, and since I wasn't working as hard as I was during the tempo portions, I was getting chilly. Plus, I misrouted my run and accidentally tacked on an extra half mile to the end of it.

With about a third of a mile remaining in the run, I had a weird panicky thought about how bad it would be if Kyle came home, let out the dog, locked the door behind him and left to go work on a boat. I had left the front door unlocked, because we live in a safe neighborhood. [Please note: I will not be leaving my door unlocked ever again so I don't even worry or think about trying to get in.]

The last five minutes of the run my arms were experiencing their cold discomfort that is still leftover from the New Years Day super cold run. I came up to my front door, went to turn the handle, only to find the door locked. I rang the doorbell and knocked, assuming Kyle was just inside. And then didn't hear any movement. Uh....

Instantly I started to panic. Toni has a spare key, but she lives two miles from me, and I've already ran 8.5 miles, and am on the verge of freezing. I also don't know if Toni is even home, but at least I know her garage code so I could go inside her house if absolutely necessary. Oh, did I mention that my phone died with 2 miles remaining on the run because it was so cold out? Because yes, that also happened.

During this panic I heard the garage door, and I turn to see Kyle backing out of the driveway. I set a PR in sprinting down my driveway, waving my hands in the air wildly (thank goodness I wear the brightest neon clothes in the world) until I got his attention. He apparently had no clue that I was running, and if I had made it home a minute or two later I would've been screwed. Uff da.

Instead of flowers or dinner for Valentine's Day, I asked for a keypad garage door opener. Operation: don't accidentally kill your wife via frostbite.

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