Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Spring Half Training Week 1

Monday Planned: General Aerobic + Speed 6 miles 8x100 strides
Monday Actual
General Aerobic + Speed 6 miles 8x100 strides, solo through slippy slick snow and ice. womp.

Tuesday PlannedGeneral Aerobic 5 miles 
Tuesday Actual: Rest day. My legs felt really cruddy.

Wednesday PlannedGeneral Aerobic 4 miles
Wednesday Actual: 4 hilly miles at the group run. The route iced over bad during the last mile. It was like a slip and slide!

Thursday PlannedSanford POWER  
Thursday Actual: Rest day. I couldn't get out of bed for POWER. I woke up at midnight to get us a dorm room for Grandma's race, and it took forever to fall back asleep.

Friday Planned: Shakeout 4 Mile with strides.
Friday Actual: Oops, another rest day. I was so tired, and Toni, via text, agreed that sleep was necessary. It was also cold AF.

Saturday Planned: Frostbite 4 Mile with 7 total.
Saturday Actual: Frostbite 4 with 7 total!!

Sunday Planned: Recovery 4 miles
Sunday Actual: Another insanely cold day. Ugh. 0 miles. So over winter.

Total Mileage Planned: 30 miles
Total Mileage Actual:  17 miles

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