Monday, December 31, 2018

Christmas + Birthday Celebrations

I had such a great Christmas this year. I've been a bit of a Scrooge the last couple of years since my mom passed away because she was always so obsessed with Christmas, it was hard to celebrate without her. This year I decided to pick up the slack and be back to my typical Elf self and celebrate extra hard.

Including getting my nails into the spirit with a fun manicure before the occasion.

Ollie was pretty excited that there was a snapchat filter specifically for dogs.

One of my running buddies got me this awesome travel tumbler which worked really well for Christmas flavored wine!

Family photo. Ollie is super enthused. 

Ollie and I were excited to stay in our matching pjs on Christmas morning since we didn't have plans until later in the day.

Kyle and I attempted to take a nice family photo, and it was a struggle, per usual.

But eventually we succeeded.

The day after Christmas was my birthday and I took a vacation day from work. I had a super low-key day planned including a long-is run, yoga at the running store, followed by some beers at my favorite brewery in town.

I did make a run to Target and bought some extra Christmas ornaments that matched mine. I'm probably the only person that decorates their Christmas tree AGAIN the day after Christmas, but whatever.

It snowed, and then torrentially rained. It was the craziest weather I've experienced on my birthday.

My running buddy Chris got me a donut with some candles for before our run. 

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