Thursday, December 20, 2018

Dallas Fort Worth Trip Part 2

Saturday was a girls day. Dom and I went out for a shake out run, it was pretty brisk (especially for those of us who only packed shorts) so I cut it short to 2 miles plus strides.

We got cleaned up and made our way to Fort Worth with the kiddos for, you guessed it, more Tex Mex. We ended up stopping at a local running store. I love looking at other running stores to bring some ideas back to 605 with me.


After lunch it was time to relax. Dominique napped and I spent some quiet time reading. And taking this obnoxiously filtered photo for Kyle to which Dom exclaimed, "You look beautiful but that doesn't even look like you!" Leave it to her to be honest. LOLZ. But also, truth. :P

For dinner, the girls headed out for pizza at Pizza Snob. I ended up with a delicious baked potato pizza and a local bock. And the waitress thought Dom's kids were mine which was entertaining for everyone. These kids are so cool, they pack up a backpack of activities anytime they go out to eat so they can keep themselves entertained without screen time. Guess Who? was my favorite game as a kid!


After dinner it was time to lay out all of our race day stuff to make sure I wasn't missing anything. I was really going back and forth between a long sleeve and a tank for the race. I was super annoyed I forgot to pack thin throwaway gloves as my hands are always freezing. The forecast was for a windchill of 27 at the start, followed by sun in the last 30 ish minutes of the race. I ended up opting for long sleeves so my hands wouldn't freeze. This was the right decision for the first 8 miles, fyi.

Sunday morning was the race, and all the post race beers. After the race we grabbed Chipotle to bring home. I inhaled some, showered, and fell fast asleep for a few hours. And what do you know? When I woke up it was time to eat again! I love race days.

We went to Rodeo Goat for beers and burgers. The burger was amazing. The beer was delish and the fries were meh. I had big plans to whoop it up when we got back to the house, but Dom was TIRED, so she went to bed at 9 p.m. and I stayed up until 11:30 p.m. by myself because I got a really ill timed second wind. :P


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