Friday, December 14, 2018

Dallas Marathon Expo

After brunch, we made our way to Dallas to hit up the expo. It was nice going Friday during the day because it wasn't super busy. Sometimes I get really overwhelmed at expos and just want to get my bib and GO. 

I was surprised at how great of vendors they had at the expo. I remember it being big in past years but not really anything I wanted to look at.

We stopped at the Tory Burch sport booth and took full advantage of their selfie booth.


I got to introduce Dominique to her first Normatec leg compression experience, and I think she loved it. I sure did. Especially after my legs felt so terrible during my airport sprint.

We also stopped at the Samuel Adams booth, who had two beers on tap for the expo and an big giveaway for a trip to Boston. Unfortunately the giveaway was only for TX residents. Lame.

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Dom and Trey said...

I'm still dreaming of that Normatec leg compression!!! It was heavenly! I sure could use that again.